Working from home – Checks and Balances for the new normal


Working from home, checks and balances for the new normal.  It is no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year. Not only has the Covid-19 virus disrupted the economy but it seems it will also be set to be part of our lives for the near future until everyone has been vaccinated. This will in turn change how we interact not only with family and friends, but it already has had an effect on how employers and employees render services to clients and on the fulfilment of job responsibilities.

With all the regulations in place regarding measures to prevent the spread businesses had to adapt to keep afloat. This resulted in the workplace moving from building to dining room table and from board meetings to Zoom calls.

During the upcoming discussion as part of FASA’s Networking event which is taking place on the 12th March from …… the following topics will be addressed:

  • Will the employee’s private home qualify as ‘workplace’?
  • How does an employer regulate productivity?
  • Do the disciplinary rules, policies and procedures of the employer still apply to the employee at home?
  • What about the Occupational & Safety Act regarding a safe and healthy working conditions for employees; how does a company go about enforcing in each individuals’ home?
  • Compliance with POPI Act provisions regarding privacy and security of business information.
  • Responsibility of Work-from-Home Infrastructure and Expense reimbursement.

If you are a business whose staff work from home, or you are an employee working from home, the advice from the LWO on the legalities governing human resources in this age of Covid-19 will be invaluable to understand your responsibilities in the work-from-home scenario.


Starting at 9am with our first discussion on the POPI Act followed by
networking and a discussion on how to raise your brand’s visibility at 10h15 and then
between 11h15 and 12h00 Christo Bester will talk about working from home in the new normal

Free for all FASA members and their franchisees and staff 
R50 for non-members 

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