Franchisee Membership

Franchisee Membership

Franchisee Membership

Strengthening lobbying efforts on behalf of franchising and small business

The Franchise Association of South Africa is the industry’s only officially recognised representative body. It is a non-profit organisation in existence since 1979 and a longstanding member of the World Franchise Council. The Association is a partner of the Small Business Institute. It is therefore of paramount importance for franchisees to add their voice to the Association in order to strengthen its influence over government to act in the interest of small businesses. Members are informed of the latest proposed amendments, new laws and regulations being planned by government through updates and requests for opinions on a regular basis.

Access to learnerships

Through structures within the ServicesSeta and in partnership with Inani Incubator Accelerator, the Association has seats in its business chambers and interacts regularly and directly with decision-makers at the Seta regarding funding for learnerships – The Association has currently applied for 1500 learnerships over three years and it is envisioned that these learnerships are to be placed within the Association’s franchisee membership who are interested, thus offering an opportunity to reduce labour costs and access to tax rebates.

Discounts to attend industry events

Franchisee members will be sent invitations to events hosted by FASA and its partners and Associates.  The cost of these events varies.  Some are free, while others have discounted rates, and some events may have a fee attached.

Your membership also includes 6 free coupons to attend the monthly FASA Virtual Networking events for the first year.

Franchisee of the Year Award

Members are encouraged to enter the prestigious annual Franchisee of the Year competition. Entry is free and the PR and marketing exposure for finalists and the winner in this category amounts to millions of Rands in AVE (Source NewsClip).

Training, support and Guidance

Group training and workshops for franchisees.

Voting rights

Franchisee members who have paid their membership fees and are in good standing are welcome to attend the association’s Annual General Meeting and have voting rights.

Mediation services and Complaints handling

The Association offers mediation services to franchisee members if their franchisor is also a member of the Association, in the event of a dispute or disagreement. Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution mechanism and is usually outsourced to an experienced franchise attorney, who is also a mediator.

Your franchisee membership will allow you to lodge a complaint against member and non-member franchisors after 3 months of being a member and the membership is in good standing.

FASA will then issue a Complaint Notification and request for participation in the Mediation Services offered by FASA. If the franchisor refuses to participate in the Mediation process, the franchise will be advised to connect with one of FASA’s legal service providers.

If the franchisor agrees to participate in the mediation session, the Franchisor and Franchisee will each be required to pay a R1,000 administration fee.

Legal Assistance

Provided you have been a Franchisee member for 3 months or longer and the fee is fully paid, through its professional legal service providers, FASA offers two consultation meetings annually. The member will have to agree on a fee with FASA and such fee will come from FASA and not from a member. Should the member require further legal services, the franchisee member will agree on terms with the professional legal service provider.

How to join

Complete the easy online application form.

Membership fees for franchisees are R3,000 per annum (R250 per month).
A once-off certificate fee of R150 is applicable for all franchisee members.

Terms of Membership:

  1. A fee of R250 a month is payable for a period of 3 months before accessing the following benefits:  complaints lodgment, mediation services and consultation with a Professional Legal Service Provider.
  2. In the event a member wishes to access other benefits immediately after becoming a member, such a member may pay any applicable administration fees to be determined by FASA.
  3. The benefits are not retrospective in nature i.e. complaints cannot be lodged on issues that existed prior to becoming a member or within the waiting period;
  4. FASA will only assess complaints lodged after the waiting period;
  5. Referral of a query to Professional Service Providers will be done by FASA and the Professional Service Provider will determine if a consultation is necessary.
  6. The Professional Service Provider will determine the location/venue or method of consultation in direct contact with the member.  If there is a necessity to have a follow-up session with the Member for clarity purposes, such a session will be considered part of the first session;
  7. Once the membership application is accepted, the membership is valid until canceled in writing.  It is, however, an express term that such membership will not be canceled before the expiry of twelve months after becoming a member.  Should a member choose to terminate membership after receiving services or realising services from FASA before the expiry of the twelve-month period, FASA will be entitled to prepare a formal invoice for the services offered and recover such fees or costs from the member, unless the business is closing down;
  8. The member shall be entitled to one mediation service per annum.
  9. The mediation session shall not exceed two hours.  In the event it becomes necessary to exceed two hours due to the complexity of the situation, the mediator shall inform the particles and the mediator shall agree on a fee covering hours exceeding the initial 2 hours.
  10. The member must be up to date with their membership fees at the time a complaint is lodged.
Franchisee Membership
Annually excl VAT
R250 per month excluding VAT
  • Voting Rights
  • Mediation Services and Complaints Handling
  • Voting Rights
  • Discounts on Events

Once the application has been submitted

As soon as the application form and membership fees have been received the applicant franchisee would receive a confirmation welcome email from the Association. The relevant email address/es supplied by the applicant franchisee would be included with immediate effect in the member database going forward to ensure regular communication.