Professional Service Provider and Goods Supplier Membership

Professional Service Provider and Goods Supplier Membership

Professional Service Provider and Goods Supplier Membership

Professional service providers who are interested in building new clients and a strong network in the franchise industry are invited to join the Association as members.

The Franchise Association of South Africa is a non-profit organisation in existence since 1979 and the only recognised representative body for franchising in South Africa.

It has an extensive database and regularly markets to the database, stakeholders and the public at large thus providing an ideal platform for professional service provider members to market their expert service. On request, members could be provided with direct access to decision makers within the franchise industry as well as access to the Association’s exclusive member contact information where permission has been obtained.

Approval of the membership application

Upon receipt of the membership fee payment as well as the completed online application form, the application would be considered for approval.

Once approved, the duly authorised person of the applicant company would be informed of the membership application’s approval by way of a welcome letter as well as the Association’s Corporate Identity information.

The relevant contact information supplied by the applicant company is then added to the member database with immediate effect to ensure regular member communication is maintained.

Applications rejected

Should an applicant not comply with the requirements of the membership application process as listed under “Required Application Documentation” within a maximum of 3 months of first having submitted the application, the application would be rejected and deemed unsuccessful.

What happens to my money if my submission was unsuccessful?

In the event of an unsuccessful or rejected application, the Association would refund a portion of the membership fees paid by the applicant, minus an administration fee of R4,500 excluding VAT. The once-off legal fee paid by the applicant (if applicable) is not refundable.

Preliminary Membership
R1,651.83 per month excluding VAT
  • Access to events
  • Discounts on conferences and workshops
  • Brand visibility
  • Free Support

Submission of the application

Once the online application form has been submitted a pro-forma invoice would be raised for the annual membership fees which currently amounts to R19,822 or R1,651.83 per month excluding VAT. The pro-forma invoice is sent to the applicant’s duly authorised contact person for payment.

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