Are you sure you own the rights to your logo?

One has to wonder how many businesses out there don’t officially own the rights to their logo?   Interviewing Garth Kallis on copyrights and trademarks we discovered that unless the designer officially signs over the rights of the logo they designed for you, the designer owns the rights of your logo, and not you or your business.  Here are some of the questions we asked Garth.

  1. What is copyright and how does a logo qualify for copyright protection.
  2. Who owns the copyright in a logo?
  3. What is a trade mark and how can your logo qualify for trade mark protection?
  4. What are the benefits of registering your logo as a trademark?
  5. Is it possible for your logo to receive both copyright and trade mark protection?
  6. How long does the protection which copyright provides last?
  7. How long does the protection which a registered trade mark provides last?
  8. What steps can you take when someone infringes your copyright or trade mark?

Garth Kallis, is an associate with the law firm Fairbridges, Wertheim Becker.  This law firm was established in 1812 in Cape Town and in Johannesburg in 1904.  This law firm offers commercial law advice, as well as drafting of Franchise documents, registering trademarks, they give intellectual property an labour law advice and electronic action advice.

Garth Kallis specialists in drafting commercial, shareholders, share sale and pledge agreements. In addition, the drawing up of commercial leases, acknowledgements of debt, cession and loan documentation for mergers and acquisitions and MOIs.