Franchise Opportunities with PropertyGuys

Why consider PropertyGuys for a Franchise opportunity?  

Having been involved in traditional real estate for so long, Dean Ferreira wanted to find the opportunity to bring something different to the property market.  “When I started searching on the international field, I found PropertyGuys.”  

PropertyGuys, is a Canadian based franchise, who offers a service connecting buyers and sellers to each other through an online portal, through an offering, or through a service.  

Offering sellers a lot of opportunities to save money and to save on the commission when selling their home privately on their own.  

Having had a look at this model Dean Ferreira thought it would be a good addition to building the South African economy and began the process of making this a reality and after a three-year process, we finally closed the deal mid-2020.  

“It’s still early days, but I do think that we have done the right thing and it is offering the South African economy something different. We have the license to roll out this opportunity throughout Southern Africa which includes Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Mauritius and we will be entering those markets in the not-too-distant future.”


When trying to sell your property, the real estate commission can become rather costly.  Could you provide some insight as to the benefits of using and what the process entails for a seller to sell their property on their own?  

Real estate commission is costly and that is how the real estate agent earns their money.  Typically, the real estate agent earns their commission from the sale of a property.  A seller will call the real estate agent and request a valuation of the property, which will be conducted by the real estate agent, who would then charge something in the range of 3-5% commission of the property sale.  The real estate agent would then most likely share a portion of the commission with a broker and possibly their company.  Remember, that the commission is also only paid out at the end of the transaction, and the real estate agent will only receive his payment at that time.  So, for all these reasons, the commission becomes costly.  

With you receive a completely different service, mostly online and the service is not real estate agent based.  

The seller is also able to select from four different types of service levels, as well as benefit from the success of selling their home themselves.  In turn, saving the huge commission from an estate agent, all by simply listing with  


How would you describe the ideal franchisee?  

One could never pinpoint the perfect, ideal franchisee.  Every franchisee/individual have different skills, different personality traits and they all bring something special to the table each time they engage and take up this opportunity.  

One of the biggest considerations when selecting a franchisee is to select someone with the drive to succeed in business for themselves. are searching for individuals with a sales background, an individual with a high energy level, enthusiastic about what they do, enthusiastic about life, clear vision for their life, and understand that at some stage they may have to do what successful people do – to do things consistently, every single day.  

The franchisee must understand that at PropertyGuys, we spend a lot of time on the telephone, so we are looking for people who are not afraid of spending time on the telephone.  


If people are able to go online and sell their property, without agents, what would a PropertyGuys franchisee be doing?  

A typical day for our franchisee will be spent on the telephone, looking for customers wanting to sell their homes, or looking for customers currently in the market and do want to sell but are using a number of agents.   

There are some other duties required by the franchisee to name a few:  lead generation, phoning clients and driving their territory.  Identifying properties on the market.  Connecting buyers with willing sellers.  

Our franchisees do not necessarily hold a license in the form of a Fidelity Fund certificate (FCC).  We do not report to Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) so we do not expect a real estate qualification purely because we are not real estate agents and do not offer advice on selling. (Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC)), (Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB))

Once a client is interested, the franchisee would introduce themselves, the client would sign an advertising agreement with PropertyGuys and telephonically the franchisee would introduce them to the steps we would follow to advertise their property to the market in order to get buyers into their property.  

To our committed sellers, we offer the services of professional service providers that offer the correct advice to the home owner to be able to arrive at the right price, for the seller to realise a quick sale at the right price, with minimum effort and saving them money.  


What training does PropertyGuys offer a franchisee and do they need to be tech-savvy?  

Currently, we have engaged with South African service providers to assist our franchisees.  

The franchisee can choose to pay a portion of their income toward our centrally controlled resource centre (much like a call centre). The resource centre operates 16 hours per day and assists with managing diaries, managing leads, managing listings and if the seller has any questions or perhaps want their advertisement changed, they will assist.  If a buyer calls to request a property viewing, this process is also managed by the resource centre.  

The franchisee would have to have some good tech skills in terms of finalizing agreements etc. which is also done online.  

Hopefully, in the next quarter, PropertyGuys will switch over to an international portal where everything can be done online.  The homeowner could even manage their own listings and even change their own advertisements as they like.  These advertisements are shared to all the property portals available in South Africa to ensure the seller gets maximum exposure.  

Although real estate agents are welcome to join our brand, we are not necessarily looking for individuals with experience.  

We also provide a full five-day orientation on-boarding program which covers what it takes to be a franchisee, what they do in a PropertyGuys life of a franchisee and what the job entails.  This has currently been reduced to three days due to COVID-19.  


How does the franchisee make money then?  

For every advertising agreement, the seller signs up with a franchisee and the franchisee receives a portion of that fee.  There are four tiers available to the seller ranging from R8 000 to R60 000.  The franchisee would receive a large portion of this (approximately 70%), but would pay us as the franchisor a monthly advertising fee, resources centre fee and a small royalty on revenue.    

The flat fee would include payment of service providers such as photographers, portals, valuator, attorneys etc.  


Do you have a panel on your team or is it outsourced?  

Our panel vendors have been locally sourced and vetted.  

We currently have one attorney on our panel, they are a national brand, so we are confident that they can fulfil all the needs of sellers around the country. 

Should you be looking for franchise opportunities in the property sector.  You can contact them here.