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A+Students is a Home-grown Multi award Winning franchise offering Abacus and Mental Arithmetic training and application thereof in Mathematics. A+Students is the only institution which integrates the ancient art of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic with School Mathematics combined with our A+ Play Maths range of products and games making us Unique in the Educational Sector.

Founder Marlene Mouton is a mathematics and science teacher who, while witnessing how many Grade 12 students were struggling with various concepts, was inspired by a program which showed Japanese children as young as five doing amazing sums by mentally adding, subtracting dividing and multiplying large numbers in seconds. Recognizing the potential for this service/product in the local market Marlene brought the basic system to South Africa then set about developing the model to suit local needs.

Previously known as C Maths South Africa, the concept was launched in 2006 and re-branded to A+Students in 2013. Since its inception the franchise has grown to 130 franchises with 640 teaching venues across the country and the drive to expand the brand throughout South Africa’s major cities and small towns continue. To date over 40 000 students have enrolled for the courses.


  • Maths and Mental Arithmetic courses using the abacus for children from 2 years and a half of age.
  • Junior Genius courses from grade 4 to grade 10 which is aligned to the Cambridge curriculum and also includes the application of abacus education into main stream mathematics.

Marlene Mouton — Founder & Chairperson

Marlene studied Bsc.ED and is a qualified and experienced high school mathematics and science teacher and founder of the A+Students concept. Marlene redeveloped the courses to suit the needs of the local environment and aligned the programme with the national curriculum. In addition to authoring all the course material and books, she also developed a range of Play Maths products unique to A+Students. Marlene also serves as the President of PAMA SA (Pan Pacific Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Association), a non-profit affiliated company which oversees the international standards of exams and participation in international competitions.


A+ Students has countrywide and international franchise opportunities available.

When purchasing an A+Students franchise you secure the rights to offer the A+Students programme in a specific area. Acting Franchisees manage Company owned Franchises. Franchisees are required to open a branch in a strip mall, office block or other suitable venues and reach out to their market from this central point. Acting Franchisee manage Company Branches. Franchisees and Acting Franchisees may also in addition operate from schools, creches, preschools or church halls, and may further expand their business by employing additional teachers and opening additional permanent branded teaching venues or purchasing additional areas.

Once franchisees have settled and gained some experience, the business is expanded by offering the junior Genius Grade 4 – Grade 10 courses and the A+ Student Academy Franchise. This additional service is already included in the purchase of the franchise other than a small training fee which includes the Grade 4 – Grade 10 textbooks. The dream for our Acting Franchisees is to own their own franchises in the years to come.



A+Students is an ideal prospect for opportunity seekers looking to exit the formal teaching or corporate sectors and will also suit passionate candidates who love children and want to provide and better the educational future for them. While prior teaching experience is not a prerequisite, it will be advantageous. Franchisees must have basic financial acumen and the skills to motivate a team, manage sales personnel and see to the administrative duties of the business however Acting Franchisees do not have the initial capital layout but the dream is for them to own their own franchise. Franchisees must be willing to market the business to schools in the surrounding areas.

With a network of 120 plus strong  the company has attracted franchisees from a variety of backgrounds.  From teachers to attorneys, from corporates to housewives, all have been attracted to this profitable concept which  has developed whilst helping children develop in Maths and Mental Arithmetic.


A+ Students offers full training which is compulsory before you start.

On-going advanced training is offered throughout the year to upgrade skill levels for all teachers.  (Training costs are covered through the franchise fee and royalties).

Training includes our trademarked methodology in mental arithmetic and franchisee business training.  Successful franchisees do not need formal teaching qualifications as full intensive training is offered.

Establishment Cost
RFrom R75 000 depending on location. Acting Franchisees contribute 50% of the expenses for a basic 1-2 classroom.
Upfront Fee
Total Investment Amount
RFrom R320 000ex vat
Excl VAT
Excl VAT
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Management Fee
Total Fees
Financial Cost

With only 100 students return on investment can be realized within a 24 month period.

Up to R65 000 of the franchise fee is given back in terms of branding and signage for the branded teaching venue for Franchisees. Acting Franchisees who which in future to become Franchisees purchase the growing concern and at that point the licence fee will be applicable. T & C apply.

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