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Sorbet launched the brand in August 2005. Now have over 200 stores, the majority of which are franchised.

Opportunities:  Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban and other centres.

Beauty Salons, Nail Bars, Dry Bars, Mens Grooming (Sorbet Man) and Ethnic Hair (Candi & Co).

Strong sales orientation and good people skills. Also good management and admin skills. Passionate understanding and belief in superior customer service and servant leadership.

All aspects of the business plus franchisee training done by Franchisor and Suppliers.

Financial Cost

Please refer to the Sorbet website ( and click on `Own a Franchise` in order to obtain estimated set-up costs for the five different formats (Sorbet salon, Sorbet nail bar, Sorbet Drybar, Sorbet Man, Candi & Co). Prices are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Unencumbered cash (before borrowing) is 50% of the estimated set-up amounts. Low management fee including advertising and marketing contribution.

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