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SA – National opportunities available please enquire with Salim Shermohammed or Teresa Amodio
+27 011 463 9269

A family restaurant chain, established in South Africa in 1972.

Family Restaurant with a focus on Steak, Ribs, Burgers and Salads. All Mike`s Kitchens are equipped with childrens play facilities.

The potential franchisee should have a flair for Marketing and Sales as well as a high level of compliance. For Mike`s Kitchen you need to have an entrepreneurial spirit, as this is your own business, but you must be prepared to work within strict parameters.

All manuals, training and operating procedures are provided from head office. New franchisees entering the Mike`s system are required to train for a minimum period of eight weeks and if necessary, up to twelve weeks. Intensive courses in a series of modules.

Financial Cost

On application. The investment required varies according to the identified territory.

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