COVID-19 SMME emergency funding options


Small business owners can call 0860 663 7867 or email to find out what kind of government support they qualify for during the lockdown.

See funding that has been made available for various sectors.

sefa funding packages for SMME’s

The following funding packages will be administered by sefa in order to support SMMEs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic through the following interventions:

  1. Business Growth Facility
  2. SMME Relief Finance; and
  3. Restructuring of sefa-funded SMMEs

For qualifying businesses, the Emergency Funding package will under no conditions be used for what it was not intended for, for more information about the emergency funding package from Department of Small Business, seda and sefa click here

sefa application form

Also see:
Business Growth Resilience Facility

Financial Debt Relief Guidelines

Register here  with the Small Business Development department for help with your small or medium-sized business if your business is impacted by the Coronavirus crises.


IDC Interventions in response to covid-10

The Industrial Development Corporation is supporting South Africa’s efforts to prepare for the impact COVID-19 will have on our people and economy. The impact on the economy cuts across all economic sectors and includes:

  • Supply chain interruptions ​
  • Access to raw materials – cost and quality ​
  • Access to markets – perishable products lost in transit due to longer delivery periods​
  • Working capital disruptions – longer lead times ​
  • Market loss – e.g. export markets constrained by logistics or replaced by production ​
  • Surge of imports to address the spike in demand​
  • Underperforming budgets – impact of extended downtime ​
  • Reduced Productivity – employees well being: physical and psychological ​

Read further here


NEF to manage R200 million COVID-19 Intervention Fund

The National Empowerment Fund (NEF) is managing a R200 million COVID-19 Intervention Fund on behalf of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition.

  • The fund has been set up to assist manufacturers providing such items as:
  • Medical Gloves and Accredited Masks
  • Diagnostics and Accredited test kits
  • Bulk supplies of disinfectants, sanitizers (hand and industrial) and wipes
  • Nebulisers and nebulising agents
  • Ventilators and filters
  • Disposable visors, googles, gowns and aprons
  • Packaging (bottles, caps, pumps, sachets etc)
  • Drugs proven to combat the coronavirus
  • Digital Body Thermometer
  • Powered Air purifying respirator (PAPR)
  • Sanitary pads, toilet and tissues paper
  • Manufacturing of hospital beds
  • Manufacturing of oxygen
  • Related chemicals

Funds will be availed to black empowered businesses that can provide confirmation of valid and verifiable

The funds can be utilised for the following:

  1. Working Capital Requirements, and/or
  2. Acquisition of Equipment.

The minimum loan amount will be R500,000 and the maximum is R10,000,000. And it will be structured as follows:

  • 60 months repayment term,
  • 12 months payment holiday (with 0% interest during this time),
  • Repayment over the remaining period at a fixed interest rate of 2.5%.

Read more about this on the Invest in Cape Town website 


Tourism Relief Funding

The Department of Tourism has made an additional R200 million available to assist SMMEs in the tourism and hospitality sector who are under particular stress due to the new travel restrictions. This is amongst the interventions we believe will help to cushion our society from economic difficulties.
We are committed to putting people and their well-being first, ahead of profits as part of a response to COVID-19. At the same time, we are committed to see the sector being able to pick up the pieces post the COVID-19, thus our role will be to respond and support the industry during this period.

Proudly SA –  Supplier of Good and Manufacturing

If you are a supplier and facing challenges during the Corona Virus pandemic Proudly South Africa is soliciting applications from companies  which may be threatening productivity. They are referring qualifying companies up to the dti for assistance.  See here


Nedbank relief measures available to you

As we all settle into our new reality and find some time to reflect on where we are and what the future may hold, we want to reach out to you and acknowledge the incredibly tough times you may be facing. Whether you are involved in the provisioning of essential services, forced to shut your doors or finding your feet in a new way of remote working, it cannot be easy. At the same time, it is in circumstances like these that new opportunities are created, and business ideas are born. As entrepreneurs, business leaders and specialists in your field, you play an important role in rebuilding our economy, and as your bank we want to support you in your endeavours.

At Nedbank our primary focus is to ensure that we can provide you with undisrupted service through our physical and digital channels, while also keeping our staff safe. We continue to work with our clients, regulators, industry bodies and government to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 and will provide further guidance to you on these matters as they evolve.

A range of aid packages, relief initiatives and non-financial support have been mentioned in the media, and as your bank, we have also communicated several of our own measures to you in recent days. For easier reference, we have summarised all the options that are available right now. We will keep you informed as other initiatives are launched. We want to draw your attention specifically to the SA Future Trust Fund (SAFT) initiative, which was launched this past Monday.

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