Interactive Virtual Networking an opportunity to grow your network


The theme of this event is finding suppliers and recruiting franchisees and the supply chain.  Inviting both Proudly SA and Inani to have the spotlight for this online networking event.  If you are looking to recruit staff or looking to take on aspiring franchisees Inani has options you can explore.  And Ceo, Eustace Mashimbye will present Proudly SA’s Buy Local campaign and the availability of high quality local manufacturers that are available to franchisors/franchisees from a supplier perspective.

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FASA creating opportunities for members to build brand reputation


FASA has embarked on an information campaign through media exposure, franchise manual & newsletters, social media interviews and a series of networking events – culminating in a 2-day conference to be held in August 2021– to keep its members, their associated franchisees and suppliers and the public, in the loop when it comes to developments in the franchise arena.

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FASA Virtual Networking Event


Join FASA at the next networking event where the goal is to help you build brand visibility for yourself  and/or your business.  It’s about being top of mind so that when someone decides they want what you have to offer they choose you and not someone else.  This is your opportunity to network, connect and share.

This online virtual networking event is for franchisors, entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring franchisees and people looking to get into the franchise sector.  From start-ups to growing businesses to people who are looking for business opportunities.

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Working from home – Checks and Balances for the new normal


Working from home, checks and balances for the new normal.  It is no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year. Not only has the Covid-19 virus disrupted the economy but it seems it will also be set to be part of our lives for the near future until everyone has been vaccinated. This will in turn change how we interact not only with family and friends, but it already has had an effect on how employers and employees render services to clients and on the fulfilment of job responsibilities.

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Social media and online marketing is a waste of time!


Social media and online marketing is just a big waste of time and energy resources. Speaking as someone who lives and works in the virtual world, I can honestly tell you that for most it is a big waste of time. It consumes your time as well as your energy. You can hop onto Facebook and without realising spend hours doing stuff and then realising “oh shoot it’s 11pm I must go and sleep”. The question to always ask yourself is, “Am I using this strategically?” “Do I even know what I am really doing?” “Those I’ve outsourced work to, do they understand my brand at the core and how to take it further?”

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FASA invites you to online networking connecting businesses


We can all agree on one thing, the world has changed!  Navigating the worldwide web is second nature to some but can be very foreign and daunting to most.  As we look at current and future trends, the online world is here to stay.  Working virtually, networking virtually and connecting in the online world will become the norm for many.  There are many advantages to working from home and being able to attend events online from the comfort of your own home.  You don’t have to sit in traffic, you save time in travelling to and from the event venue and you don’t have to organise a babysitter to look after the kids.  You can participate in events while cooking, while having dinner the choice is yours.  What the reset has done is given people more options and it has allowed people to go with the flow.  This means we’ve learnt to understand that anything can happen, like your kid interrupting you on a very important meeting.

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Agility that accelerates growth is the differentiating factor in 2020


FNB and Franchising Plus are hosting the 8th Franchise Leadership Summit on 3 March 2020 at Monte Casino Johannesburg. The theme this year is “Agility accelerates growth”. In these times of rapid changes to technology, the competitive environment and consumer demand patterns, agile organisations continue to grow and thrive. What does it mean to be agile? According to a McKinsey Global Survey, it’s the ability to quickly reconfigure strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating and value-protecting opportunities.

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Professional training programme for women in logistics & transport fully funded


The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport: South Africa (CILTSA) will be acquiring funding for its Candidacy Programme for 30 employed women, commencing June 2020. The Candidacy Programme will enable people who are in Supply Chain, Logistics, Transport, Distribution and Warehousing to acquire an internationally recognised, professional designation ie., ‘MILT’. Successful candidates will be awarded the designation once they have completed the programme. They will then be expected to join the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport and expected to do Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on an annual basis, in order to stay up-to-date with industry developments.

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Free Labour Law workshop in Paarl, Western Cape

LWO - Western Cape

Tuesday 6 Aug 2019
Round Table Paarl 44, Klein Parys Rd, Paarl, Western Cape
08h30 – 13h00 (registration from 08h00)
RSVP:  31 July 2019

Labour law sets strict requirements that employers must comply with and the LWO’s main goal is to ensure that your business not only complies with all of these requirements but that you use labour law to your benefit to protect your business.  Compliance with labour law is not negotiable and creates a business risk for employers.  To comply requires specialist knowledge.

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