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Service providers to the franchise industry offers services that assist you with the purchase or sale of a franchise
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Functions as a bridge between the public and government and private sectors. Inani is a talent incubator and a business incubator.
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Before embarking on buying a franchise you need to cover all the basics of investing in a franchise
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To protect, lobby, promote and develop ethical franchising across all sectors in South Africa with specific focus on transformation.


To be the acknowledged authority for franchising in Africa.

How franchisors can assist in the funding process

What is ethical franchising?

Build resilience in your business

2023 Franchise Survey

Stats taken from the 2023 Franchise Survey Results
The South African Franchise Market
800 +
Franchised Systems
70 K+
500 K+
Employed People

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The most important benefit of being an accredited member of the Franchise Association of South Africa is the recognition and credibility given to companies that bind themselves to ethical business practices and being compliant with the applicable laws and regulations for business in South Africa.