As the Franchise Association prepares to host the first virtual conference since the start of the pandemic on the 25th & 26th August, aimed at reviewing, resetting and reviving the franchise sector, the monthly networking events in July and August will invite some of the key speakers at the conference to give a taste of what they will be covering at the conference.

Our next virtual networking event – will be focused on recent events in South Africa.  How the looting has impacted the economy and where to from here?  Is there hope?  Can this be fixed and how to start rising up from the ashes.





Virtual Networking Tips


Tip 1
Be clear –  Why do you want to network?
People who have a clear goal as to what they want to get out of attending networking events often find networking as a value add in the business.
  • If you are new to networking,  your initial goal may be to see what is out there and then to decide which events are best suited to your goals and needs.
  • Another goal initially could also be to build confidence.  The more events you attend, the more opportunities you get to boost your confidence, and why not?
Being clear as to what you want to get out of networking, helps you decide which events are useful and which events are time wasters.


Tip 2
Attend events that will add value 
Attend events and networking events that will help you connect with people and the resources that will benefit you and add value.
These are events that will help you:
  • Meet the influencers in your field.
  • Connect with people and resources that can make your life easier.
  • Stay in the loop about what is going on in your sector.
  • Overcome common challenges faced within the industry

Tip 3
Strategic networking

Whether you are looking to buy a franchise, start a franchise, an entrepreneur or business owners or someone looking for career opportunities, networking can help you get in touch with the right people who can help you achieve your goals.  Meeting on mutual ground presents an opportunity for people to exchange information.  Aim to achieve something, it could be something as simple as raising brand awareness, letting people know you still exist and that you are still relevant.
Here are a few tips to help you raise brand visibility:
  • Stand Out by utilising the profile section – you can create an image on Canva use a standard square size and when you upload to your Zoom profile make sure that you move the crop handles over the entire image before saving.
  • Unless you have poor internet connection, turn on your camera when you introduce yourself, you want people to see you and remember you.
  • Not many people like to be in the spotlight, however, if you want to generate leads or looking for opportunities, you have to get out of your comfort zone unfortunately and push yourself.  Start by announcing your name and surname and what you are currently busy with or share what it is you are looking to achieve or do. Use these as opportunities to build confidence.  Even if you just say your name and surname, that is a good start.  With every event you attend, you will boost your confidence.
  • If you have technical difficulties let the host know so that they are aware.
  • Utilise the chatbox if you wish to engage with other members.  Also use the chatbox if you are too shy to ask any questions in public.



Privacy notice

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By participating in the event, you acknowledge and accept that your image may be taken (via photographic or video means) and that Fasa  may use such images or video for marketing and/or other event management purposes. If you do not want to have your image or video taken and/or used in this way, please inform the event organiser when entering the Zoom meeting room.

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