What you need to consider when looking for employment?

Interview with Tintswalo Maluleke and Nastassia Lamount of Express Employment Professionals SA  discussing employment and what you should consider when looking for work.  How serious are you about doing the things in your life you need to do in order to get yourself out there to get what it is that you want?  This doesn’t only apply to employment but also when you are making franchise applications.

  • What are you doing to make yourself employable?
  • What are you doing to make yourself valuable to people who have what it is you want to offer?
  • Are you looking for a job for the sake of looking for a job?
  • Are you investing in yourself?

Some people want to be instant millionaires but don’t want to put in the effort and the steps required to get there.  What are you bringing to the table to your potential employer?

What is Job Genius?  How does it work and how can it help jobseekers to find employment?

Job Genius is an education programme that has been developed by Express Employment Professionals, to help jobseekers to position themselves in the job market. It’s a programme that helps people to develop their CV’s and stand out in the job market.  Many people who are looking for the right job don’t really know where to start, what to do, what is required and what employers are looking for.  This is where our Job Genius can help them to discover what they are passionate about . It helps them with career pathing.  What can I do?  What am I talented in? What steps do I need to take to position myself in this competitive market?

With the high rate of unemployment these days, many people are saying that they want just any job.  However, ‘any job’ doesn’t mean that you can add value to a business.   Rather look at what you can offer.  What do I have that can add value to your business?  A lot of talented people have difficulty in marketing themselves.  Or they apply for many jobs and get a lot of rejections and then they tend to give up.  This is where a recruitment agency can assist you to go for the right interviews.

It is very important that people research the company they are applying to.  What is the company looking for? Think of it this way, if this was my business what kind of person would I want to employ?  How can I add value to this business with the skills that I have?  Not everyone wants to own their own business but then you need to have a passion to support that business with the skills that you have.

Many jobseekers also don’t have the resources to get themselves out there, so what can they do?  This is where it will benefit them to register with a recruitment company.  It is free to register and doesn’t cost them anything.  Recruitment agencies have access to employers. They will walk you through an interview and are able to direct you to the right company.

Some people might find it daunting to walk into a recruitment agency because they might feel anxious about their appearance, their qualifications, or lack thereof.  What is your advice?

Think of a recruitment agency as your gateway to getting a job.  Whether you’re a housewife wanting to rejoin the market, a school leaver or anyone who is looking for a job, just be yourselves and ask for help.  Here I am, this is what I have, can you help me?   Our agency deals with all types.  Times have changed and there is no stigma.  Come as you are and we will direct you to the right company.

Don’t become despondent with rejection.  See it as an opportunity for feedback. With each interview you can gain experience and become more confident.  The agency will also ‘sell’ you to the company.  This person is perfect for the job you are offering. We know what they are looking for so it’s much easier with a recruiter to find a job.  We even find jobs for people who have criminal records.   A good recruiter will build your confidence.

Who is Job Genius and what is the cost of the programme?

Job Genius is a whole website dedicated to jobseekers. Whether you’re a plumber, teacher, professional, tradesman, office worker, all you need to do is register and we open the site for you.  This site helps you with your CV.  Job Genius walks you through the process.  Educates you on how to draft your CV so it stands out from the crowd. Linkedin is a very important plaform.  Is your profile up to date?

From my own personal experience, a recruitment agency helped me find a different path. They help you to dig deeper and find skills that you never thought you had.

For example, I worked in a casino on the tables.  The recruiter looked at the skills I’d learned such as player profiling and other skills I’d picked up and this helped me get a job as an Admin PA.

Express Employment Professionals also recruit people who want to own a franchise and be in business for themselves.  So, if you know of anyone who is either looking for employment, or wanting to own their own business, you can direct them to Express Employment Professionals, who will give them all the help and advice they need to get a job or own a business.

Lastly, encourage jobseekers to do homework on themselves and find out what they are passionate about.


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