What motivates you! Pushing the right motivational buttons

Staying positive when there is political chaos, the petrol price is about to go up and you worry for the future of your job, business and family is a challenge for us all. Whether you’re working on a big goal or just trying to get revved up for the day, getting and staying motivated can be a challenge. According to the experts, whilst getting inspiration from motivational books and quotes can help get you started, they say you first have to understand what motivates you and tap into what buttons you need to push to get you going.

Check out these four motivation styles and what you can do to kick your drive into gear:

Tap into the desire to win

The drive to succeed is a strong motivator and should give us the power to act on that desire to be someone and achieve great things. For some, that desire for this drive is internal – an individual hunger to learn or develop to satisfy a deep-seated need to grow as a person. For others, the drive may be external, where they need to interact and compete with others to validate themselves and be taken seriously.  In all cases, it boils down to having that goal on the horizon that everyone is marching towards.

Motivate yourself

Having the desire to succeed is not enough; one needs to keep the motivation alive by knowing what’s expected and what the final objective is. Having realistic expectations and working towards your goal by following a well-thought out business or life-plan, is crucial so that you feel comfortable that you will reach the milestones you set for yourself and are not putting effort into something that’s not going to deliver the success you crave. Experts suggest you treat your task or project like a game that you intend to win and continue to master your craft.

It’s not only about the money

While winning is logically linked to being prosperous, the motivation to succeed should be underscored by a commitment to your beliefs – whether they are a set of values, a mission to influence others or a desire to make a better world.  There is no doubt that those that have a strong set of values will often willingly go the extra mile, like the company owners who work long hours in their business because they believe in what they’re doing for themselves and others, or the non-profit worker who understands that the job has a meaningful impact on other people or the world.

What makes you get up in the morning?

Finding out what matters to you as a person and what motivates you to get out there and make a difference lies at the heart of identifying your goals in life. Are you passionate about the work you do?  Do you see yourself making a difference in the world? Or is your motivation providing for those you love?   Ask yourself what you love about your job and then use that as the motivating force to be better at it.

Are you a Pioneer or a Guardian?

Research by international management consulting firm Deloitte’s in the USA on Business Chemistry framework, differentiates between Pioneers and Guardians. Pioneers are focused on opportunities and new experiences and need the flexibility to find and engage in them. Guardians, on the other hand, need stability and processes to do their best work. Finding the environment that suits your work style is an important part of motivation. While some workers need a high degree of structure in the work they do, others need more freedom and flexibility. Put someone who needs details and structure in a free-wheeling environment, and they may feel overwhelmed and unmoored. Conversely, if you’re someone who needs latitude in how you structure your workday or perform your job, a rigid environment focused on processes may feel suffocating.

Stay connected

No man is an island and to succeed we all need to stay connected. Relationships, whether personal or business drive our success. If you look at the world’s most successful people, they surround themselves with people who are important to them, whose connections strengthen their goals. But they also understand the needs of others and take great joy in connecting people and taking them along for the journey to success. To them the means is just as important as the end if they can be a positive influence on others.

Source: www.fastcompany.com via IFA newsletter at www.ifa@smartbrief.com

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