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This online networking event is for franchisors, entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring franchisees and people looking to supply the franchise sector.  From start-ups to growing businesses and people who are looking for business opportunities.

6 August
8:30 to 10h15

As the Franchise Association prepares to host the first virtual conference since the start of the pandemic on the 25th & 26th August, aimed at reviewing, resetting and reviving the franchise sector, the monthly networking events in July and August will invite some of the key speakers at the conference to give a taste of what they will be covering at the conference.

Our next virtual networking event – will be focused on recent events in South Africa.  How the looting has impacted the economy and where to from here?  Is there hope?  Can this be fixed and how to start rising up from the ashes.


Agenda for the day

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Introduce yourself – announce your name and the company you are representing.

Later in the morning, you will have another opportunity to share something further about the work you are doing, projects you are working on, challenges you are facing, products or services you are working on.


I’ve been attending a few online networking events hosted by FASA, organised by Romany Thresher.  It is amazing how many franchisors are now attending as well as franchisees.  I’ve had two clients contact me having seen me at the event to assist them with redoing their work.  I’ve also learnt a lot on these sessions about social media marketing, the Popia Act, Disclosure documents. 
A definite must for FASA to continue.  Robin van Rensburg ~ Franchise in a Box

To tell us what the impact of the destruction means for franchise brands and what needs to be done in collaboration with government to get us out of this mess.


Frans van der Colff – as executive fellow at Henley Business School and formerly involved in retail with Pick n Pay and Fruit & Veg City

Thinking the Future published by Penguin and co-authored with Mitch Ilbury.

Contains two scenarios for South Africa’s future: People’s Economy or Cautionary Tale.

In light of the terrible looting and destruction, we saw recently. The People’s Economy scenario is all about opening up our economy to a new generation of young entrepreneurs all over South Africa; whereas the Cautionary Tale scenario is a story of increasing unrest leading to total anarchy.

Every decision we make is a decision about the future. We constantly make choices that affect the next week, year or decade, but get blinded by what we want or expect the future to be. Cognitive traps lie everywhere: failing to question our assumptions; believing in greater certainty and personal control than life allows; or missing signals because we’re distracted by the noise.    You can buy the book here

Using Technology to Optimise Franchise Operations with 

  • Communication and the manner in which we engage with each other has fundamentally changed in our “new normal”.  Channels of open communication have been required during the pandemic, and franchisors who stuck their heads in the sand did their franchisees and their brand no favours. E-mail is a necessary evil but it is not always the most effective form of communication – it can be impersonal and important information ends up lost in the grey noise of spam.  Franchisees who were flooded with communication from various departments or sources eventually lost interest, or found it difficult to sort through what was critical and what was not, and thus failed to prioritise accordingly.  Access to relevant information from a single and reliable source has become essential, not just an advantage.

  • Performance indicators and accountability are the name of the game.  Most franchise businesses have been forced to re-evaluate their operating models and costs. In an effort to plug liquidity issues, expenses have been cut wherever possible. These have unfortunately heavily impacted operational support staff with those who worked in the field taking the brunt of the impact. The net effect is a lower cost to the franchisor but also lower levels of effective support to the franchise network. The reality is that now when the franchisees need support more than ever it is not readily available. In many cases this also means that franchisors are potentially in breach of their franchise contractual agreements relating to providing effective support to their franchise network.

  • It is at times like these that robust management support systems that aren’t people intensive are worth their weight in gold. Good quality management support personnel are essential at all times but tools have the ability to expand the span of value added services.

  • It is never too late to adopt good practice and implement quality management tools that offer value at multiple levels. Most management systems don’t require dedicated administrators and are almost always managed by existing management structures which means there is a low cost of adoption. Effective Key Performance Indicators are easily measured and managed in well-structured systems.
  • Digitisation can no longer be avoided and those who were mindful of this before the pandemic were best placed to ride the wave of the disaster. Both internally and with customer facing support systems, business models need to critically evaluate where the opportunities are to use technology to their advantage within the franchise models.

Lindy Barbour – Franchise Firm

Further networking, this is the primary aim of these events is to exchange information, meet new people.  We end of the day with open conversations and takeaways of the event.

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Please note:  Agenda details could change without notice

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