Tips and tricks when attending a virtual meeting or webinar

virtual meeting

Whether now or in the future when attending virtual meetings or hosting a webinar one should follow these guidelines to make a good impression:

  • Decide where you are going to position your laptop so that you sit comfortably at a desk or table
  • Make sure the area where you are conducting virtual meetings is noise free or noise levels are low
  • Consider the view behind you – ensure it does not detract i.e. movement in the background – and looks professional i.e. consider personal pictures/paintings on the wall behind you.
  • Place your laptop on a stack of books for example to ensure that the laptop’s camera is at your eye height when seated – no one wants to look up your nose!
  • Adjust your laptop’s screen towards you so that the ceiling above your head does not form a large part of the on-screen area

Check lighting and make sure you can be seen by others:-

  • Make sure there are no glaring ceiling lights over your head as they tend to light up areas on your scalp that may not be attractive
  • Ideally place two lamps in front of you on either side of your laptop so that they are behind your laptop but light up your profile
  • Use the camera test facility on your laptop to adjust lighting before your session starts

Dress the part depending on the nature of the virtual meeting and the industry that you work in – ensure you wear business attire – at least for the upper visible part of your body – and look professional – and for women – remember make-up, hair and the like.

Remember to put your mobile phone on silent for the duration of the virtual meeting

When the session starts:-

  • Remember to greet others and introduce yourself where applicable
  • When you are not talking remember to mute your microphone as background noise is a major detractor for others
  • Should something unforeseen happen i.e. a person or child enters the area who does not realise your are participating in a virtual meeting, and depending on the situation, excuse yourself, leave the meeting for a moment and rejoin when you are ready.
  • Remember virtual meetings are often recorded so be careful how you conduct yourself as well as what you say i.e. don’t slouch in your chair and lazily slurp coffee or tea while others talk.
  • Pay attention – don’t carry on working on your emails and cell phone during a virtual meeting with others – it is disrespectful and people do realise you are working on other things and not paying attention.


Vera Valasis