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It is a known fact that, in franchising, you can expect to get the same product or service at every single of the brand’s outlets – no matter where they are. So, you can expect the Big Mac to taste the same whether you bought it in Beijing, Buenos Aires or Bloemfontein. Similarly, the service you get from PostNet or Cash Converters should be the same both here, in their mother country of Australia or anywhere else around the world. Who are the magic elves that ensure that the ethos and systems of a franchise brand are consistent throughout the network?

These key people are known in franchising circles primarily as Field Service Consultants but are also referred to by many different titles – business analyst, business advisor, field manager, area manager, franchise managers. Their responsibility is to analyse and evaluate the franchisee’s business in all aspects (financial controls, profits, budgets and operating standards), thereby assisting the franchisees to get their promised return on investment.

According to Nicola Maré, Director of the Franchise Firm that run training courses for field service consultants, the foundation to any good franchise is based on accurate financial benchmarking and valuable feedback from each and every franchisee to be able to identify problems, pick up new trends and put effective plans into action.

“The field service consultants are the main link between the franchisor and the franchisee, adding value by advising, inspiring and inspecting each individual franchisee to ensure they operate to the prescribed standards as set out in the franchise agreement and operations manual.”

According to Nicola the broader context of their role is to maximize profitability, drive compliance and build the brand. “The days of field managers as inspectors who hide behind a clipboard with a list of ‘checks’ are long gone. Although compliance has its place, franchisees do not perceive the policeman function as a value add.”

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