Sorbet Group
Rudi Rudolph
Managing Director

Our membership of FASA gives us credibility in our dealings with new franchise applicants.

The Association also assists with compliance matters and their professionalism is comforting in the world of franchising

SA Franchise Warehouse
Kobus Oosthuizen

SA Franchise Warehouse has been a longstanding member of FASA and relies heavily on the association facilitated by the organisation with fellow members in order present itself and its value proposition.


FASA expertly creates platforms for its members to engage with one another as well as with opportunity seeking entrepreneurs in their quest to develop their own enterprises within the franchise sector.


FASA, as an official organisation representing the franchise industry in South Africa, plays an immense role in order to protect and further the interests of all its members and stakeholders in the franchise industry.


As any Association, FASA is, and will always be, catalysed by its active members through their participation and commitment to contribute to the industry, rather than to receive.

Pick ‘n Pay
John Baladakis

The belief that South Africa and its people can benefit from the franchising model in creating employment and entrepreneurs is the main reason for my involvement with FASA. FASA is the institution that connects the industry to Government and the international franchising arena. It is more relevant now than ever.

OBC Chicken and Meat
Tony Da Fonseca

If an organisation is really serious about franchising, creating and partnering entrepreneurs to achieve excellence, the associated credibility that FASA strives for in the industry makes membership and committing to its values, quite simply not negotiable. The depth of knowledge, motivational platforms available to members to share finding and learning’s is in itself of huge value. As the business and political landscapes evolve in our young democracy, membership of and participation in FASA activities will become increasingly essential. After all, who wants to be a spectator?

Oasis Water
Naas du Preez

Venturing into Franchising on your own can be a daunting task. When you undertake the Franchising journey with FASA, it becomes meaningful, exciting and promising!


Oasis Water is a proud member of FASA.


FASA is the leading body for Franchising in South Africa, guiding members through a fast changing environment in achieving success and sustainability.

Shannon Drake
National Franchise Manager

We are proud to be a longstanding member of FASA. Belonging to the association over the years has given our franchisees and their customers’ peace of mind as FASA’s prescribed conduct and ethical standards are applied throughout our network. By implementing these standards we have ensured that our entrepreneurial franchisees continue to grow and add value to the South African economy.

Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips
Aneez Amod
Managing Director

Jimmy’s joined FASA in 2012. Being FASA accredited has given the brand a tremendous amount of credibility and respect in the industry.


Our FASA membership also ensures that we keep our commitment to ethical franchising practices. Having the FASA membership eliminates many unnecessary questions from franchisees as they are confident that Jimmy’s abide by the strict criteria set by FASA.


With FASA being a member of the world franchise association, this has assisted us in growing globally.

Boris Leyck

Because we were new to franchising, one of the first crucial steps was to become a FASA member to make sure we set up and maintain certain standards as a franchisor. As a newcomer it also gave us certain benchmarks to live up to which we need to get recognition in the industry. Another value we get out of the membership is the advice and guidance from FASA and its members on various franchise related topics. Lastly we could not make a difference as a single franchise company but feel that belonging to a group of franchisors within FASA, important issues in the industry can be channeled through FASA which carries much more weight