Franchising Plus

Franchise consulting, Franchise documentation including operations manuals, Franchisee and Franchisor training, Franchisee recruitment tools, Franchisee surveys, Social franchise consulting.


The following courses are offered in-house and are customised to the specific needs of the client. Franchisee courses:

  • Basic Business Skills Course
  • Operational Financial Management Existing franchisors courses
  • Managing Franchisee Performance Course
  • Basic Business Finance Course
  • Marketing & Sales Workshop New franchisors courses:
  • Franchise by Numbers Course Field service consultants (FSC) courses
  • The World`s Greatest Multi-Store Leadership Programme Other courses:
  • Company Specific Retail Courses Developed to your Needs
  • Conference speaking
  • Category Management

Franchising Plus is the leading franchise consultancy in South Africa. Our strength lies in the fact that we have had over 100 years of experience collectively in franchising as a team. We are different to our competitors in that we review and optimise the strategies a franchisor will use to penetrate the market. Although we create franchise packages, we believe that the basics of what makes a concept franchiseable, needs to be in place in order to create a sustainable business for both the franchisor and the franchisee alike.



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