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Franchising your Business made easy with our
One Stop Franchising Solution 

Free first One Hour Consulting on Zoom to evaluate the feasibility of your business as a franchise.

  • Is franchising right for your business?
  • How long will it take to turn your business into a franchise?
  • What kind of costs should you expect?

These are just a few of the questions that are answered when you meet with a franchise in a Box.
The Franchise in a Box consultation is typically a face-to-face meeting that allows you the opportunity to obtain an impartial evaluation of your business and its readiness for franchising from a professional with strong business experience and exceptional expertise in franchising. We provide professional help and advice on all aspect of franchising to existing and potential Franchisors of all sizes and in all sectors.

Franchise Development

Franchise Development is our area of expertise. Whether you are developing a brand-new franchise, reworking an existing one, or converting company-owned operations. Franchise in a Box has Twenty Years’ experience across a wide variety of Business Industries. Franchise Development includes designing a strategy for expansion, legal documents, operations manuals and marketing strategy.


Franchise Documentation

  1. Prospectus

This is your marketing document for you to present to potential franchisees who are interested in investing in a franchise. This is your first entry document to the franchisee. This document also contains the Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your intellectual property and a application form for the Franchisee.

  1. Business Plan Franchisor and Franchisee   

A business plan should be a work-in progress. Even successful, growing businesses should maintain a current business plan. Preparing a comprehensive written business plan on how a business will achieve growth and prosperity creates a map for the business’ success. In addition, the business plan is the basic documentation from which financial proposals to lenders and investors will be prepared.

  1. Disclosure document

This document discloses all your info you legally need to disclose to a potential Franchisee. Once the franchisee is interested in purchasing your franchise, he gets this document after signing a non-disclosure agreement. This is included in the document. The Disclosure document is required for the decision process to purchase the franchise.

  1. Operations and Procedure Manual

Once the franchisee has signed a franchise contract, the franchisee will receive an Operations and procedure Manual. This contains all your business Standard Operations procedures (S.O.P) and how to run a new Franchise business.

  1. Franchise Agreement

The franchise agreement is the cornerstone of your Franchising process. The Franchisee will sign the agreement and all the legal conditions are in this document to both protect the Franchisor and the Franchisee.


Trademark– Protect your Brand by trademarking your logo, name taglines or products.

Training of Franchisees

One of the challenges new franchisees face begins soon after the franchise agreement is signed: hiring and training employees. The success of each franchised unit depends on the quality and behavior of its employees. And it’s hard to find a franchise concept that doesn’t need employees to function.

Design, Plans and Project Management-

Concept Design, Plans and Project Management of new store rollouts that is a turnkey operation when complete.

Business Plans

A business plan should be a work-in progress. Even successful, growing businesses should maintain a current business plan. Preparing a comprehensive written business plan on how a business will achieve growth and prosperity creates a map for the business’ success. In addition, the business plan is the basic documentation from which financial proposals to lenders and investors will be prepared.

FASA registration

This is a process that takes on average a month and this procedure is to ensure compliance with FASA ethics and rules.

Franchise Territory Analysis

Depending on the business, the area selection is important to Analyze. This will determine supply logistics, Focus of stage rollouts and the success of the Brand.


Franchise in a Box has become the leaders in the industry due to the enormous experience gained with rolling out over 50 brands. Over the years we developed processes to make it much easier by creating a “one stop” solution for coordinated strategic planning, legal, as well as operations, marketing and rollout services all under one roof. Our clients dreams become a reality as we guide them through the franchising process.

We want to hear your story. If you have a great idea, let us help you franchise it, and expand your brand to a national brand. You could be our next success story.

Is assistance by a professional essential?

Generally, the answer must be a resounding” yes“. Seeking input from an expert in franchising will bring an extra perspective to the business to be franchised and help the prospective franchisor understand the intricacies of a complicated process. It is essential to speak to an expert that offers the whole package.

Hi, I am Robin van Rensburg

Yes, I know my stuff! And throughout our time together , you will develop the tools and confidence to roll out your franchisees painlessly. My way of consulting is to empower you in developing and roll out your own brand successfully. You are unique and so your franchise system should be too. I do not follow a template, or ‘one size fits all’. We start where you are & we work towards your goals. If you want a franchise business that generates you income while also positively contributing to others, then you have arrived at the right place!


Use a Professional Team to Franchise the Correct way

Franchise in a Box has an expert franchise consultant with 20 years experience, to assist in franchising your business. Our level of expertise and personalized service is unparalleled. We roll out stores and do staff training.

Our Franchise Consulting Line-Up at a Glance

  1. If your goal is franchising your business, our knowledge, mentoring spirit, and commitment to your success will make us your franchise consultant of choice. You’ll find that no one touches our level of care, concern, attention to detail, and tailored personal mentoring as a new franchisor. And, if you are already franchising, but things are not moving as you once imagined, our counseling for best practices and improved relationships may prove invaluable.
  2. Of course, if you are looking for a great franchise information resource, you are in the right place. All our knowledge and experience as franchise consultants is unequaled in the franchise industry.

A Franchise Consultant Focused On People Not Projects

If you are interested in franchising your business, the chances are good that you’re already a successful entrepreneur and know exactly what makes your business tick. But the gap between successfully running your business and successfully franchising it, is enormous. We focus on both the ART AND SCIENCE of franchising which means that we take the time to understand our clients and their businesses and then TEACH them ‘how to franchise’. As expert franchise consultants, we lead our clients through the complexities of successfully franchising a business.

Robin van Rensburg- MBA UCT

Robin van Rensburg is a franchise consultant that a unsuccessful brand is usually the cause of poor planning and did it on their own. This naturally developed into franchising when he started having a lot of requests from companies that wanted to franchise but had no knowledge how to franchise. A pain free system was developed to franchise businesses. He is a self-motivated, focused consultant with a wide range of experience in the franchise industry. His focused skills on franchise consulting have led to effective and adaptive turnaround strategies for clients to become successful franchisors. He has initiative and excellent analytical, design and problem solving skills.


  • Franchise documentation.
  • Reengineering franchise strategies and designing processes to implement operation strategies.
  • Supply Chain Management and application in the Franchise environment to optimize revenue generation.
  • Ability to think laterally and demonstrate adventurous approach to creativity and innovation.
  • Design and manage new franchisor development.
  • Demonstrate integrity in decisions, actions and relationships.

Lourens Miller

Lourens Has been exposed to the construction industry for more than 40 years, by means of Family members. His Grandfather was a Stone Mason, having built what is considered today as monuments. His uncle had a phenomenally successful construction company building showrooms for the likes of Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Ford and others.

His Father and brother were salesmen who owned a development company called Kentucky Homes, serving the middle-income group with individual designed 3-bedroom homes all over Transvaal.

This resulted in him being exposed to design from a noticeably young age designing homes for council submission in the mid 1970’s whilst helping run a hardware business with his sister, supplying building supplies to the building contractors.

In 1992 he Joined JD Group as a Project Manager doing tenant fitments and shop designs for their brands, after being involved in the food industry developing Milky Lane for JL Supplies and growing the brand nationally.

During his career he has worked for many Architectural firms and designed 13 Shopping Centre’s renovated many buildings, developed Warehouses, Factories and residential dwellings.

He has had exposure to supplementary services such as dust extraction and air-conditioning plants and has written his wiring license exams.

Lourens Is an Active member of both SACAP South African Council of The Architectural Profession and PMI  Project Management Institute SA.

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