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  • Communicate easily with your franchisees and have all your documentation, training manuals, forms, marketing material & brand guidelines in one place.
  • All-in-one tool that manages all the critical aspects of your franchise – compliance, communication, training, operations & ultimately the performance of the business.

Reputable experts in the franchise industry with an in-depth knowledge of the South African franchise landscape.
Activities: Franchise Infinity is a cloud based solution of effective management tools in one application that allows you to manage your franchise more effectively than ever before.



Lindy Barbour

Lindy graduated from the University of Natal with B.Comm in Management & Marketing. She joined the franchise industry in 2001 as a franchise support consultant contributing to the development of a number of successful franchised brands. Lindy has served as a Council and Exco member of the Franchise Association of South Africa and chaired its membership committee for 2 years. Lindy is and has been a Director of the Franchise Firm since 2012 when it was incorporated.




Nicola Mare

Nicola Maré

Nicola graduated from Wits University with a BA (HdipEd). After a career in teaching as well as the pharmaceutical industry she joined the franchise industry in 2006. She has been involved in the development of several franchise brands and has specialised in developing package elements. In addition she has been a specialist facilitator for both franchisor and franchisee training. Nicola is and has been a Director of the Franchise Firm since 2012 when it was incorporated.

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