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De Beer Attorneys provides premium legal and business services, looking to the present as well as the future in assisting its clients with their established and new ventures.

A boutique law firm with each member of the team being specialised in a unique field, the firm offers a full spectrum of services, specifically tailored to all franchising needs. The firm assists with the registration of all forms of intellectual property necessary for a successful franchise including trade marks, patents, designs and copyright. Further to this, the firm provides strategic commercial and business advice, the establishment of companies and legal entities, as well as mediation, negotiation and drafting services for franchises and aspects related thereto.

Further to this and, unique to the South African legal sphere, the firm offers valuation services in respect of intellectual property and business entities allowing you to get the most out of, and for, your franchise. Litigation services form part of our service offering, but we strive to avoid unnecessary conflict by means of clear and understandable contract drafting and pin point precise legal advice.

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