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If you are asking yourself?

  • How busy is my store?

  • Can my customer find what he is looking for?

  • Is my product where it needs to be?

  • Is my location correct?

  • Was my marketing campaign a success?

  • Must I have, or increase my online presence?

  • Where did my stock go?

  • Is my staff productive?

  • Am I over or understaffed?

  • Am I paying too much rent?

Then our services is the perfect fit for you!


At BAC-IT we work with our vendors and customers to design, develop and market a range of tailored Infrastructure, and software solutions that are designed to enable your organisation and ensure you remain innovative and competitive.

​Our team of accredited experts based in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town are experienced in devising technological strategies and road maps, to take the headache out of your IT environment through the planning and provision of a host of services, solutions, applications and technology offerings – all of which we will design for your express business need and budget.

Are you a franchise, retailer, manufacturer, educational campus, medical centre, or a conference venue and does your business revolve around customers?

By deploying the most advanced data collection technologies we are able to deliver low cost, high value Digital Intelligence-as-a-Service, which ultimately helps you increase your profitability.

Understanding Customers and Staff Behaviour

BAC-IT’s Analytics Solutions

  • Franchises
  • Malls​
  • Large retailers
  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
  • Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Airports
  • Mining
  • Stadiums
  • Virtual Offices

Customer engagement is driven by modern technology. But meaningful customer interactions are created through digital insights and digital analytics. This is where BAC-IT can help you drive your profitability.

With a history entrenched in creating, developing and deploying solutions, we acknowledge the importance of key data, and work with our customers to help unravel and create actionable insights from the information they collect from their customers, staff and business behaviour.

How do we do this? Through a series of tailored Digital Analytics and Reporting Services we provide customers with Digital Intelligence-as-a-Service to independently empower business stakeholders.

Jacques du Preez
Founder and CEO BAC-IT

As a passionate entrepreneur, Jacques has a background in Information Technology and Business Commerce. After a successful acquisition of his previous business NetSight by Multichoice (MWEB Business) in 2008, Jacques clearly understood that businesses are willing to invest and pay for meaningful digital content and data.

Jacques founded BAC-IT in 2010 with a single goal in mind, to provide information technology services that drives our customers’ bottom lines. At any physical location, we are successful in providing digital intelligence and analytics through the automated collection of customer and staff behavioural data, and by doing so we empower business owners with the ability to make informed decisions.

Karin Webber
Jacques du Preez

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