South African students participate in international Abacus festival in Japan

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Learners from franchise group A+Students travelled to Japan to participate in a week long Soroban, (Japanese abacus), boot camp. The camp is held every year and math students from around the world attend to advance their math skills using the abacus. This year the boot camp culminated with an International Abacus Festival in Tokyo.

The use of the abacus dates back thousands of years and forms a solid foundation on which to base and build future math learning. Learners can be accommodated from 3 ½ years old and from the onset they are taught the basics of math on the abacus as well as progressing to mental arithmetic from a young age.

This year’s trip to Japan was made by three A+Students and ten worthy students. The camps location had rudimentary facilities and concentrated solely on advancing the learners’ skills. What can take 3 months to accomplish in South Africa can be achieved in a matter of days as the lessons are intensive and on a full time basis. After the camp the team travelled to Tokyo and attended the day long festivities at the International Abacus Festival.

The level of learners from A+Students and the learners attending workshops and boot camps such as this one produced students who are on par with their international counterparts. When it comes to maths and mental calculations, these students need not stand back for any student worldwide. It was also not all work and the students also enjoyed time out to experience Tokyo and the Japanese culture.

Learners from all over the world including our own learners from local home grown franchise, A+Students, at the International Abacus festival, Tokyo, Japan.


A+Students at the International Abacus Festival, Tokyo, Japan

South Africa learners from A+Students at the International Abacus Festival Tokyo, Japan


A+Students - Almari Thiart and Hantie van Niekerk

Local A+Students teachers, Almari Thiart, Hantie van Niekerk and Erina Moolman at the International Abacus Festival, Tokyo, Japan


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