FASA Franchise Member Information

Company Name Anti Waste Franchise Company
Category Social Franchising
Region Limpopo
Tel 015 297 2769
Fax 015 297 2769
Email admin@antiwaste.co.za
Contact Person S.E.A (FANUS) Beytell
Postal Address P O Box 5089, Polokwane North, 0750
Opportunities South Africa.
History In the combined experience business of waste management for 59 years.
Activities Collection and handling of waste i.e paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans etc. Total waste management.
Profile Hard working, disciplined, motivated to succeed and a passion for total waste management issues. Owner operator associated to all regardless of age gender.
Training One week plus assistance in starting the business.
Financial Total investment of R780 000-00 vat exclusive R20 000-00 of the investment
Membership # F12/0669