Service franchises can help fix that appliance, renovate, waterproof and repair


Are you one of those homeowners that urgently needs something fixed around the home but are at a loss as to where to find a reliable repair company? If you belong to one of the many suburban whatsapp groups, you could post your dilemma online but then get inundated with offers of assistance from both individuals and companies vying for your business. Whilst you might get a good referral there are also fly-by-night operators who trawl these groups waiting to scam unsuspecting homeowners.

According to online platform Kandua which connects professional service providers with homeowners, South Africa needs more rubble removers, appliance repairers and better pool maintenance providers. It seems homeowners can’t find enough handymen for the jobs they need doing. The challenge is in finding professional and reliable companies that have a good track record.

Franchising, and especially franchise companies that are FASA members, offer the public a more secure way to source accredited operators. The Building and Home Services Sector in franchising has been an important and growing category that services the market – offering everything from tool hire, to renovating; from pest control to plumbing. Ninety-two percent of the systems in this category are proudly homegrown brands that have been operating for decades.

One of those companies is Wilcote that has been in the Building Maintenance Industry for over 30 years and franchising for over 21 years.

According to Will Rogers, owner of Wilcote, “franchising offers a better outcome for Customers, especially in the Building Maintenance and Pool Repair Sector. The importance of franchising in this industry cannot be overlooked any longer.”

Wilcote provides its Franchisees, with enviro-friendly Products and these are applied in accordance with the Wilcote Preparation and Application Procedures, by the Franchisee. All of these carry the Wilcote ‘Professional Solution’ Guarantee. This ensures that all of our Customers receive top Quality Products and Services, throughout the Wilcote Brand.

“At Wilcote, says Will Rogers, “we understand the unique challenges posed to maintaining buildings, due to the often harsh South African climate. We manufacture all our products specifically for the South African and Sub-Saharan African market. By ensuring that your building is maintained, whether residential, commercial or industrial, you will be satisfied with the long term value to your property.”

Wilcote are conversant with and able to restore and refurbish all types of:

  • Waterproofing and damp.
  • All types of roofs.
  • Building repairs and maintenance.
  • Pool lining.
  • Industrial coating.

Wilcote are proud to offer all Customers their “Professional Solution”, with is completely enviro-friendly. “We Manufacture all our Products, to meet all of the European Enviro-Friendly Standards and specifically for the South African and Sub-Saharan Market.” For more information on Wilcote visit or email

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