Saying ola` to Pedros – a seriously hot new bird in the chicken market

Saying ola` to Pedros – a seriously hot new bird in the chicken market

The franchise market in South Africa is a highly competitive one as everyone is mad about chicken in any form or shape. Since KFC came into South Africa fifty years ago, Chicken Licken and Nando’s exploded onto the market in the 1980’s, the latter going on to global fame, the fast food market has always been hungry for the next new taste in chicken.

In Portugal, the rooster is a symbol of faith, justice and good luck and South Africans are mad about its unique taste. At Pedros their birds do just that; instil faith in the flavour, do justice to the grill and add a bit of good luck, because you’ll be coming back for more!

Bringing a unique flavour to the market, Pedros combine the art of food and retail into a culturally diversified brand of flame-grilled masters and disrupting the QSR industry by combining our strong, consistent product with the coolest clucking chicken brand on the market. The chicken- loving public is raring to go for a unique new taste and Pedros is raring to find that flock to grow their brand by appealing to the chicken-loving consumer who are looking for a healthy, quick, wholesome meal that they can afford and feel they are getting good value for money. With more tasto for less peso you’re certainly going to “Taste the Difference”.

Talk is Cheap! We’re not just another flame-grilled chicken brand

“We’re here to make a real impact and deliver the difference through our product, people and brand promise. But it is not just the consumers’ appetite we want, it’s their eye, heart and brand loyalty too” says Jocelyn de Bruin, Marketing Manager for Pedros. “Our brand has been on a journey to combine the rich history of the old, with the vibrant, contrast design and thinking of the 21st Century pantone. Our brand and design are as spicy as our chicken with our unique flame-grilled offering. Tasting the difference means designing for the difference, to stand out with our colourful, local and international heritage whilst providing a fresh and stylish approach to a unique chicken franchise.”

They say birds of a feather flock together…

That’s how Pedros sees their culture, only just like their birds, they’re diverse in flavour. It is only with the individual and unique flavours of their winning mix that makes their brand so clucking good! People are at the centre of their business and they recognise that it is only through people that they are able to prepare and present their offering – both to the public and through their franchise opportunities.

With 54 stores operating nationally, the company has enjoyed successful profitability to date and has a sound financial base with significant turnover growth, not one Pedros store has ever closed (thanks to our flock, our outstanding people). According to Moosa Bux, Operations Director, “it is not only our leadership that has some pretty impressive experience, but the Pedros brand cultivates individuals with a wide range of skills to drive the difference in contributing to the overall vision and mission of our brand. Pedros’ goal is to provide consumers with a great product, a positive environment and value for money, to inspire our franchise partners and to produce great returns for all stakeholders.”


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