Recruit franchisees with the FASA – Inani Initiative

Nico Botha, the founder of Inani NPC Incubator Accelerator answers questions about the FASA – INANI initiative, creating training and funding opportunities for the franchise sector.   Also participating in this interview is Ornica Mukhavhuli who runs the Inani Talent Incubator and BBBE Specialist Tony D’ Almeida


Inani NPC Incubator Accelerator started just over 20 years ago as a charitable organisation. Nico owned many businesses across the country and throughout his travels he saw the need for skills training and job creation and this is where the desire to help the local people countrywide, was born.

Inani means value and this was Nico’s dream to add value by equipping people with the means to become self sustainable.  Watch this video to understand how Inani and FASA are working together to create jobs and help franchise businesses that are struggling financially get back on their feet again.

If you are a FASA member looking to recruit franchisees with the focus of training and upliftment or if you are in need of funding solutions or funding assistance get in touch.



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