With franchising universally accepted as one of the most successful business formats, FASA’s role is to continually promote the advantages of franchising both to business entrepreneurs, to prospective franchisees and to the public at large. Based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, FASA and its staff serve the needs of both the public and the franchise community in the following ways:-



ife franchise expo team

International Franchise Expo

The International Franchise Exhibition – www.ife.co.za –
which has enjoyed over 20 years as the flagship event for the Franchise Association of South Africa and the industry’s showcase for small business and franchising, was taken to new heights in 2017. Whilst its success over the years has been inextricably linked to the ups and downs of the economy, it remains one of the key events on the franchise business calendar and the Franchise Association of South Africa’s main driving force in promoting franchising on all levels.




Franchise Awards

The FASA Awards for Excellence in Franchising, held since 1990, remains a highlight of the year’s calendar and brings together the association’s members and their guests in honouring the top achievers in the field of ethical franchising and business practices. Various categories of franchising are honoured, amongst them Franchisor of the Year, Franchisee of the Year, Franchisor: Leading Developer of Emerging Entrepreneur, Newcomer Franchisor of the Year, Brand Builder of the Year, Hall of Fame Award, Field Service Consultant of the Year Award and Job Creator of the Year Award. – all reflecting the diversity of franchising and allowing all sectors of the franchise industry to participate. The awards give Franchisors, franchisees and service providers a welcome opportunity to network in a social atmosphere whilst celebrating the success of the business method.



franchise publicationsFASA’s Publications

Educating the public about franchising remains one of FASA’s priorities and to this end the association is by far the most prolific local publisher of expert literature on franchising. In addition to its annual Franchise Manual which lists all the FASA members, its affiliate members (such as law firms, banks, consultants and other professional providers) and gives details of their concepts, there is on sale a selection of publications like “How to Evaluate a

Franchise” and”How to Franchise Your Business”.



website-advertising-franchisingFASA’s Website

FASA has developed a website that is user-friendly and offers interesting data on franchising in Southern Africa as well as a list of its members and service providers and their respective business opportunities. There are also direct links to members’ own websites. With more and more people using the internet to gain information and to “shop” around, the FASA website provides all that as well as articles of interest and franchise happenings.





world franchise councilInternational Networking

As an active member of the World Franchise Council, FASA plays an important role in the international franchise arena, liaising and taking part in forums on franchising and participating in conferences and exhibitions. It is considered the doyenne of franchising in Africa and as such is the only true representative of Africa on the world franchising stage. With franchising spreading to the rest of the African continent, FASA is playing a crucial advisory role in helping other African countries set up ethical franchising and promoting the business format of franchising.





ppan african franchise councilPan African Franchise Federation (PAFF)

The Association together with stakeholders and strategic partners established the Pan African Franchise Federation in 2013. The PAFF’s constitution was signed during 2015 and the Federation’s objective is to promote collaboration and ethical franchising on the African Continent and to set down franchising practices and procedures across the continent. Its long term goal is to become an accredited member of the World Franchise Council.




Networking Events

We host networking events throughout the year that offers our members an opportunity to learn, connect and build relationships.










sanlamsurveysAnnual Franchise Survey

Sponsored by Sanlam our annual franchise surveys are conducted in respect of franchisors and franchisees. Results are shared with the industry at large through seminars and are also published in the annual Franchise Manual. The results are also made available through a link on the FASA website.