Accredited Membership


Full membership to companies who are franchisors. A thorough assessment of each applicant company is made before membership is granted.

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Full membership accreditation is granted to established franchise companies. A thorough assessment of each applicant franchise company is conducted before accreditation.



Submission Process

Once the above list of documents are ready for submission they can be sent via email to An acknowledgement email will be sent to the applicant confirming receipt of the submission documents and fees paid within 48 hours of having received the submission.


Assessment process of the application for membership accreditation

Once all the membership requirements have been met, the application documents are submitted to an experienced franchise attorney member for scrutiny and to check compliance. Usually within two weeks after submitting the application documents, an evaluation letter from the relevant attorney is made available to the applicant.


Once the applicant has submitted amendments recommended by the franchise attorney (if applicable) the application is processed for final approval.


If a franchise attorney member wrote the applicant’s franchise agreement and disclosure documents the above process is waived. However, the applicant’s franchise agreement and disclosure documents are still submitted to the relevant franchise attorney member who wrote the applicant’s documents, for verification.



As soon as an application has been approved, the applicant is informed of the successful application by way of a welcome letter as well as the association’s corporate identity information.


Thereafter the applicant company’s details are published on the Association’s website under the Franchise Directory’s Accredited Franchises link, as submitted by the applicant by way of the free entry form. The member is added to the member database to receive ongoing information and communication from the Association.


Applications rejected

Should an applicant not comply with the requirements of the membership application process as listed under “Required Application Documentation” within a maximum of 3 months of first having submitted the application, the application would be rejected and deemed unsuccessful.


Should the applicant refuse to comply with or neglect to submit the recommended amendments made by the evaluating franchise attorney to ensure the franchise agreement and disclosure documents in particular comply with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act’s Regulations and the association’s Code of ethics, within 3 months of having submitted the evaluation letter to the applicant, the application would be rejected and deemed unsuccessful.


In the event of an unsuccessful or rejected application, the Association would refund a portion of the membership fees paid by the applicant, minus an administration fee of R3,500 excluding VAT. The once-off legal fee paid by the applicant (if applicable) is not refundable.