Preserving rather than buying new -The Ceramic Pro way

We are all troubled and anxious about the future and we now have a “new normal“, wearing masks in all public places, curfews, restricted social gatherings, high unemployment rate…and the list goes on. We are creatures of habit and we do not take kindly to change. It is during these tough times that we need to reflect on what is important in our lives and what we need to do and how we need to adapt to survive this pandemic. With the everyday changes to regulations, it becomes difficult to remain positive and upbeat about the future.

The fact that everything can end suddenly has sparked a new wave of thinking. In the current economic environment where people are increasingly compelled to hold onto their vehicles, people are also looking for ways to preserve the value of these items.

A good protective coating is so much more than gloss and saturated colour. Ceramic Pro solutions combine many important characteristics including chemical and UV resistance, long-lasting hydrophobic effect and scratch and heat resistance. We understand that individuals do not have surplus money to spend on purchasing new vehicles. People want to ensure their current vehicles remain in a pristine condition longer, and wear and tear items are protected for longer.


Ceramic Pro offers a complete line of surface protection products for your cars, boats, homes, buildings, absolutely anything that needs protection. Our coating and film protection offerings are based on proven nano-ceramic technologies. No other coating offers this level of slickness, protection, and durability for all kinds of surfaces. We have a coating and film package to suit any budget requirement.

Give us a call today, let Ceramic Pro assist in protecting your valuable assets and ensuring longevity of your prized possessions.

As a proud member of the Franchise Association of South Africa, Ceramic Pro has committed to the highest ethical standards and offers prospective franchisees the opportunity to be part of an international footprint with over 9 000 accredited installers worldwide. Buying a Ceramic Pro franchise will give you access to systems and procedures, with international certification and accreditations, state of the art equipment and the most advanced product in the nano coating industry.
Stick to your guns and persevere, every glass is half full!

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