FASA Popia Compliance Service Offered

The Protection of Personal Information Act came in to operation on 1 July 2021. Businesses are required to comply with the provisions of the Act. Members of FASA are encouraged to use legal services offered by experienced FASA Legal Services Providers in relation to compliance with this legislation and such services are offered at discounted rates. The discounted are negotiated with the service provider directly.

The following services are offered, and the list is not exclusive:

  • Establishment of a POPIA task team.
  • Appointment an information officer.
  • Ensure appropriate training of all relevant personnel.
  • Review the organisation’s processing of personal information and the type of information processed.
  • Review information security and safeguards.
  • Full automation & management of required policies • Control over compliance processing.
  • Identifying issues linked to the risk framework.
  • Driving change-management.
  • Continuous monitoring of key risk indicators.
  • Data Protection Policy.
  • Document Retention Policy
  • POPIA consent clause,
  • External Privacy Statement
  • Employee contract / job application clauses.
  • Drafting of PAIA Manual, which is required for every business, which Manual will include the required POPIA disclosures.
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