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The IFE Franchise Expo hosted by FASA which was held in Durban on the 8th and 9th March 2019 presented various opportunities for a wide range of entrepreneurs – least of whom was Cyril Naidoo – an entrepreneur who was lucky enough to win Pfirestorm’s Lucky Draw prize of a Huawei Smart Media Tablet and the a year’s subscription for the Pfirestorm platform valued at over R 20,000. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Naidoo! We hope that this prize will enhance and drive his business to new heights. We will be staying in touch!

winnerpfirestorm270As an organisation we participate in many exhibitions and the  IFE Franchise Expo hosted by FASA has certainly stood out from the some of the mundane events we have attended in the past. The organised presentations, which we were lucky to be part of, offered visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to expand their knowledge and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs across all walks of life and business sectors.

Pfirestorm’s core product elicited 59 very interested stand visitors wanting to meet with us post-exhibition to learn more about our offering. Whilst much of our conversation was around the core product, much interest was also expressed in our social responsibility programs around the Autism-Project in which we are major sponsors and donors. Autism-Project focuses on providing families with autistic children the opportunity for direct early intervention strategies as well as services to underprivileged communities and schools. Our commitment to Autism via the Autism-Project enables us to give back to the greater South African community.
Perhaps what was most interesting was how the visitors and even audience (during our presentation) responded to our technology, quickly understanding the uniqueness of our value proposition. Generally, our visitors, the audience and co-exhibitors quickly understood that our collaborative platforms branded uniquely to each of our B2B clients offered far more than simple CRM, Document Management and Communication functions.

With its collaborative, integrated and succinctly aligned intuitive functionality, Pfirestorm’s ability to connect franchisors with franchisees, franchisees with their customers and of course with the entire supply chain makes Pfirestorm the perfect technology and holistic business solution for the franchise model. Whilst the franchisee-consumer relationship is critically important it is no more or less so than the franchisor-franchisee relationship. Access to information such as business intelligence, communication delivery and records, documents, suppliers and customers combine to provide a transparent environment in which all participants in the value chain can build and sustain long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

We have already concluded business with a few entrepreneurs that we met at the exhibition and it came as no surprise that one of the comments which we received was that our technology appeared to have been developed specifically for franchises. This would be correct although we must concede that one of the most powerful attributes of our technology solution is to tailor the platform to meet each of our franchisors and entrepreneurs exacting needs.

We look forward to engaging with more of the delegates and sponsors alike and developing last lasting mutually beneficial relationships with all parties going forward. For further information contact Grant Hopkins at or visit

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