FASA prepares for a watershed year

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FASA prepares for a watershed year

FASA's 34th Annual General Meeting, held at the end of February, saw close to 100 members come together to hear some top speakers give their take on the year ahead and outgoing Chairman Jan Davel give an overview of the projects that FASA is involved in. Despite a sluggish world economy and projections that even the BRIC countries are showing a drop in growth, both Christopher Gilmour, Investment Analyst at ABSA and David Silke, political analyst and futurist, were confident that South Africa has a strong foundation as a democracy and a healthy economy to continue with moderate growth. Although the political scene is changing fast and becoming very competitive, this bodes well for the future and if government rolls out the National Development Plan, South Africa could be back on track.

Professor Tanya Woker, author of ‘The Franchise Relationship under South African Law' gave an interesting talk on how the CPA regulations on franchising would affect both franchisors and franchisees. “Although the focus with the CPA is on the law, I found that often the problems that arise in franchising lie not in the agreement but in the relationship” says Prof Woker. Although the contract in franchising governs the relationship, there is never a one-size-fits-all and franchisors and franchisees should look at their contracts, not as a dispute contract, but as an ongoing/developing relationship similar to that of a ‘business marriage.” Whilst acknowledging that the age of consumerism has arrived in South Africa, her advice to those in the sector is to understand all the implications of the Act, see where your franchise fits in and ensure that franchisees entering the system are very aware of the contractual terms and understand the nature and responsibilities of the franchise relationship.

The following members will serve on FASA's Council for 2013, and those with an asterisk will serve on Exco:

*Derek Smith (Chairman) - Hot Dog Cafe
Jan Davel (past Chairman) - RealNet
*Ian Jacobsberg (Chairman Elect - Routledge Modise
*Nkhrumah Phala - Makoya Fish and Chips
Phillip Karafilakis - Mochachos
Yusuf Kalla - Nizams
*Naas du Preez - Oasis Water
Tony Da Fonseca - OBC Chicken
*Steven Strange - Sausage Saloon
*Aneez Amod - Jimmy's Killer Fish & Chips
*Eugene Honey - Adams & Adams
*Xolani Meva/Gugulethu Mjadu - Business Partners
Lindy Barbour - Franchize Directions
*Giuli Osso - GO Communications
Carel van der Merwe/Gerald Moodley - Marsh Africa
Nelson Camara/Dewald Theron - SA Franchise Warehouse
Brink Oosthuizen - The Practice
Andre Rosslee - ABSA
John Baladakis - Pick n Pay Franchisee
National Empowerment Fund - Pabello Vilakazi
Seda - Cheryl Naicker