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FASA's 2013 seminars help franchises stay ahead of the game

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It's time to show off at IFE 2013

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A recent survey by Ernest & Young's retail and consumer products sector on what influences purchasing behaviour has revealed that consumers today are harder to define, understand and please than ever before.


Following two successful FASA breakfast events in January and February which served to energize, inspire and motivate to getting 2013 off to a good start, April's seminar will take place on the 16th April, from 7am to 10am at a venue to be confirmed.

Stay ahead of the game
FASA's 2013 Seminars

At FASA's first seminar of the year, the overriding message was one of determination by the franchise sector to fight against all the odds to succeed in the current business environment and continue to lead in innovative entrepreneurship.
It's time to show off
IFE 2013

FASA's International Franchise & Entrepreneur Expo, which takes place from the 9 - 11th May at the Sandton Convention Centre is set to be the business event of the year!