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FASA Member News


In a country that is plagued with chronic education deficiencies, one of FASA's members, Computers4Kids has come up with a solution in their E-Learner system that could go a long way to contribute not only to education but to establishing entrepreneurs, the transfer of skills and job creation.

According to Computers4Kids Director Graham Lashbrooke, the E-Learner concept is ideal to duplicate all over South Africa especially in township areas where the need is greatest. “One of our franchisees, Mathilda Fourie, took on the challenge and started approaching corporate and government and getting donations to start training hubs in needy areas. In the last 2 years she has increased the business from a small start of 10 computers in two hubs to 68 computers in 14 training hubs all over the country.” Although a social franchising concept, Mathilda has proved that, once established, the hubs are making enough from the minimal training fees to run successful and viable businesses. “This could be one of the most important social franchising education initiatives ever, says Graham, “but we would need the support of both corporate and government to take this to the next level.” Anyone interested in supporting this initiative or wants further details can contact Graham Lashbrooke on 021 712 7800 or email


FASA members Oasis Water has, as part of their social responsibility initiatives, become involved with Green Tunnel Vision and appeal to all other FASA members who want to become involved in upliftment projects to consider this worthwhile cause. Says Brahm van Wyk, Brand Director at Oasis Water, “we have already established 4 veggie tunnels as part of our partnership with Green Tunnel Vision which supplies 75 000 meals and will be donating 20c of every 750ml of one of our product lines to further projects.”

As a registered non-profit organization, Green Tunnel Vision is committed to eradicate and hunger on the African continent through their innovative projects that include the building of vegetable tunnels, start-up seedlings, training and monthly checkups on the different projects to ensure optimal success. They work hand-in-hand with companies, organizations and individuals in equipping the needy by providing the means to grow fresh organic food. To date they have successfully planted 300 vegetable projects in 29 different towns empowering individuals to supply over 900 000 meals per year.

For more information go to: or see their Youtube clip at:


Acknowledging that Africa is one of the fastest-growing regions globally, Yum! Restaurants International announced that they would be added stores in Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe this year. This will add to the 63 KFC restaurants in new African countries such as Angola, Nigeria, Malawi and Ghana. The figure excludes South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Mauritius, which, if included, brings the total number of KFC restaurants on the continent to almost 900 outlets. Bruce Layzell KFC GM of new African markets says KFC is committed to building their sustainable business model on the continent and harnessing the opportunities that Africa affords.