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Educational seminars for franchisees

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Educational seminars for franchisees

In partnership with ABSA, FASA will be running a programme of educational seminars throughout 2013 that will focus on all aspects of franchising - both for franchisees and franchisors. With franchising still one of the most stable businesses, the series of seminars are a must for anyone who is serious about their business success. Topics include:

  • Succeed with Nothing - 12 February for Franchisees
  • How to bring in New Business/Managing a Business effectively when times are hard - 12 March for Franchisees
  • How to manage a profitable franchise company in tough times and the battle for your brand online - 19th March for Franchisors
  • Site Selection/Understanding tenant mix/Revamps and relocations - 16 April for Franchisees
  • 10 Success factors for franchisees/Reinvest in your franchise company with multi-store ownership - 21 May for Franchisees
  • How to reduce set-up costs/Revamps, relocations and site selection - 28 May for Franchisors
  • Understanding how the CPA impacts on you as a franchisee - 18 June for Franchisees
  • How to effectively manage disagreements with your franchisor/Interpreting the franchise agreement - 16 July for Franchisees
  • Motivating staff/effective hands-on training/do incentives work?/SDL levies - how to access funding for developing your staff - 20 August for Franchisees
  • How to deal with the media in an adverse situation/Jobs Fund - 27 August for Franchisors
  • Lease renewals/landlord negotiations - 17 September for Franchisees
  • How consumers use mobile and what we should know about it/How to use social media cost-effectively - 22 October for Franchisees
  • Helping franchisees bring in new business/Dealing with financial stress and royalty break requests/Effective franchisee advisory councils - 29 October for Franchisors
  • Business evaluations and exit planning/Renewal of the franchise agreement - 19 November for Franchisees

For further details and costs to attend seminars contact the FASA office on 100 615 0359 or email