Medical aid and health insurance a love hate relationship

Do you know what to consider when shopping for medical aid schemes for your staff?  Do  you know the difference between medical aid and health insurance?  So many things to consider that I hadn’t thought about, maybe you haven’t either, in this 30 minute interview Romany Thresher asks Bianca Viljoen about Medical aid.

Many of us find it’s  like a mine field out there choosing the right medical scheme.  What are you covered for and what not?  How do we decide which policy is right for us?

One important question one must ask these days is, “am I covered for pandemics like this?”  Health Squared have been proactive in ensuring their members full cover during this pandemic crises.  They have not only seen to the medical side of Covid 19, but are also offering help with mental issues that many members are facing at this time.

Health Squared

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