Liberty, the approved FASA Underwriter for Employee Benefits, offers FASA members an exclusive employee benefit plan that has taken into account the specific needs of a franchisee’s business and offers their staff a combination of an investment benefit with full death benefits. The available basket of insurance and investment benefits are both beneficial and affordable. These include:



Death and permanent disability benefits

Flat sum assured per member


Death & Permanent Disability BenefitAge CategoryDeath Benefit RiskPermanent Disability RiskAdmin FeeDistribution FeePremium
R 30 00018 – 64R 21.36R 9.11R 8.35R 2.94R 41.76
R 50 00018 – 64R 35.59R 15.19R 13.92R 4.90R 69.60
R 70 00018 – 64R 49.82R 21.27R 19.49R 6.86R 97.44
R 100 00018 – 64R 71.18R 30.38R 27.84R 9.80R 139.20

Funeral benefits

This offering includes “Repatriation of Mortal remains” in all SADAC areas for members, spouse and children.
Funeral cover is available for one Spouse and up to a maximum of four children.




The Itransact Investment ETF platform is a cautious savings ETF Portfolio with a tax free cash pay-out upon withdrawal. Withdrawal takes place only at retirement, resignation or death.


INVESTMENT (minimum amount R100) (maximum amount R2500.


Phakama Administration Services (Pty) Ltd is the preferred Administrator of the Liberty FASA Employee Benefits.

Principal & SpouseR 10 00018 – 64R 22.00
Child 14 – 21R 10 00014 – 21
Child 6 – 13R 5 0006 – 13
Child Stillborn – 5R 5 0000 – 5



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