FREE Labour Law Workshop in Port Elizabeth

Labour law sets strict requirements that employers must comply with and the LWO’s main goal is to ensure that your business not only complies with all of these requirements, but that you use labour law to your benefit to protect your business. Compliance with labour law is not negotiable and creates a business risk for employers. To comply requires specialist knowledge.

It is a modern trend to outsource non-core activities to specialists, which saves the business owner time and puts him in the position to focus on growing his business. The LWO has a team of highly trained legal advisors with relevant experience and has been providing labour law advice to employers across all business sectors for the past 29 years. We are very proud of our excellent success rate at the CCMA: 99.994%!

Our guest speakers include:


  • New amendments to legislation and how it impacts on your business
  • Labour law audit – what are the legislative requirements for my industry
  • How can I use labour law to protect my business
  • ESTA (Tenure) – what should I know
  • Misconduct in the workplace – what are the top 3 and how to handle it
  • Rules in the workplace
  • Discipline in the workplace – consultations, warnings, hearings, proof, procedures, etc.
  • CCMA – potholes, preparation, processes, etc.
  • Myth busters





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