FASA membership is granted in the following categories:

1. Franchisor Membership

Full membership is awarded to companies who have a proven trading and franchise record. A thorough assessment of each applicant company is made before membership is granted. This would typically include a look at the viability of the concept as well as the presence of appropriate documentation, with the minimum requirements being:-

  • has a disclosure document that complies with FASA's stringent specifications
  • has a fair and reasonable franchise agreement that clearly reflects the spirit of FASA's Code of Ethics and Business Practices
  • has a comprehensive operations and procedures manual.

2. Preliminary Membership: Developing or New Franchise Companies

Preliminary Membership is offered to companies who are new to or in the process of developing a franchised business. Their preliminary status is valid for 24 months after which they can apply to be accepted for full membership subject to producing viable performance financials. A thorough assessment of each applicant company is made before membership is granted. Reduced membership fees are payable per annum on submission of the membership application documents plus a once-off legal fee. The legal fee is waived if the applicants franchise agreement was written by a franchise attorney member of FASA. 

3. Professional Service Provider Membership

This category is open to professional practices that wish to provide professional services of high ethical standards to the participants in the franchise sector. These include law firms, banks, insurance companies, franchise consultants, brand and marketing companies, IT companies, suppliers and many others. 

4. Franchisee Membership

FASA has recently extended its membership to include all franchisees representing their franchise brands - whether their franchisors are members of FASA or not. Extending the benefits of belonging to the FASA franchise family to all those involved in this dynamic business format results in a strengthening of the ties that bind those in the industry and allow all to benefit from the continual growth of this phenomenal business format. 

5. Product Supplier Membership

Product supplier companies do not offer franchises but are suppliers of product to the franchising industry and place great emphasis on meeting the special needs of franchised chains. 

6. Individual Membership

This category applies to individuals who wish to join the association in their personal capacity.

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Franchising is recognized globally as one of the most aggressive forms of business expansion. It enjoys a high profile with some of the world's most renowned brands as franchise leaders. In most countries franchising has fallen under the umbrella of local franchise associations, which in turn, belong to the World Franchise Council. This allows the business format of franchising to be controlled and good ethical practices set globally. For this very reason, franchisors, franchisees and service providers are encouraged to belong to a franchise association which in turn promotes them in a variety of ways and provides many networking opportunities.

Listed below are the benefits of becoming a FASA Member

  1. All members receive accreditation as FASA members and for franchisor members this is of particular importance not only in light of the implications of the Consumer Protection Act which addresses franchising in particular but in terms of the high visibility and credibility that comes with belonging to FASA. This includes:
    • Enjoying the recognition of funders who prefer to deal with FASA members.
    • Through FASA’s efforts in educating potential franchisees on choosing ethical operators, enjoying preferential status in the public’s selection process.
    • Being able to use the FASA logo on all their company collateral and receiving recognition that the member company agrees to abide by FASA’s Code of Ethics i.e. as an ethical franchisor.

  2. The association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with sefa (Small Enterprise Finance Agency) to assist members with funding.

  3. Franchisor and service provider members will be promoted amongst FASA’s existing member base and the public at large by way of the following activities:-
    • The annual Franchise Manual which is offered for sale to every visitor at the annual Franchise festival and is sold at seminars, worships and to the public at large. The publication and its contents are also promoted extensively on the FASA website. All members details are published in the Manual at no cost to the member and all members receive a number of free copies which they may hand to potential franchisees - the value of the advertisement and free manuals is R9840.00. The Manual also includes the results of the latest franchise survey. Every franchisor in South Africa that is in the association’s database receives a copy of the annual Franchise Manual.
    • All members are listed on FASA’s website with a reciprocal link to members’ websites at no cost to the member. The value of the website advertising amounts to R24 720 per annum.
    • Members are invited to submit newsworthy articles to the Editor of the Manual (send articles to  Should the article be published full recognition is given to the writer and the direct advertising cost of such an article is R16 200 per page which is given to members free of charge.
    • All members can advertise franchises for sale on the FASA website under the “Franchises for sale” link on the homepage at no cost.
    • All ongoing marketing campaigns undertaken throughout the year by the association promotes its members, the sectors they represent and franchising in general.
    • Regular press releases are issued by FASA’s PRO to showcase the growth of its various sectors, its members and their achievements as well as address other matters of relevance to franchising.
    • The annual franchise awards provide a highlight in the calendar every year and gives huge exposure in the media to the finalists and the winners of the various categories. Awards finalists and winners receive PR value of just over R1m (source NewsClip)'
    • FASA owns the biggest franchise festival which provides a platform for members to present and participate as speakers at no cost.  Tickets to attend the convention are discounted to members at a rate of R600 per person.
    • FASA holds a franchise convention every year alongside the expo which provides a platform for members to present or participate as speakers at no cost.
    • FASA offers seminars during the year aimed at potential franchisees and prospective franchisors. Besides educating the public on franchising, its merits, challenges and legalities, it also promotes its membership base and the importance of dealing with franchisors who have chosen ethical franchising by becoming FASA members.
    • FASA sends newsletters out to its member as well as the public database at least once a month – members who submit newsworthy information about their brands to the editor of the newsletter would receive free exposure should the article be published.

  4. All members receive preferential consideration when attending networking events, seminars and workshops as well free visitor entry at the annual expo.

  5. FASA offers dispute resolution services to its member free of charge

  6. FASA is a member of the World Franchise Council and as such can provide information to members who may be looking for contacts and expert information should they be expanding offshore.

  7. As a member of the World Franchise Council FASA’s Code of Ethics that all members subscribe to is a world class document that mirrors the Codes of franchise associations around the world. FASA is a member of Ethics SA. FASA stands for ethical franchising so franchisors cannot afford to be a non-member.

  8. FASA interacts regularly with the dti and acts as an industry watchdog on all new and planned regulations that could have an impact on the franchise industry.

  9. All members enjoy discounts (up to 50%) on their membership fees in respect of new member referrals.

  10. An exclusive medical scheme offer is available to members only, starting from R225 per person - click here for more details

  11. FASA conducts annual franchise surveys and members can tap into the survey results.

  12. The association has partnered with Liberty to offer an exclusive member Employee benefit plan - for further details please click on this link.

  13. The association offers free assessments to longstanding members of their franchise agreement and disclosure documents.

  14. Proudly SA offers members of the association a 10% discount on their first year’s membership fees, and a 20% discount for those signing up for a two-year membership.