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With the unemployment rate at an unprecedented level due to the pandemic, FASA’s partnership with Inani Projects vs INANI NPC Incubator Accelerator, the talent incubator and business enabler that works with and represents a number of government and employee associations, has taken on an even more urgent focus.

According to Nico Botha of Inani vs INANI “the success of this initiative has seen us bridge the gap between public and private partnerships with the involvement of some major franchise brands that have benefitted from learnership training that promote learning through accredited theoretical training with practical exposure, whilst the learner adds value to the workplace, and learners are able to support themselves through a subsidized stipend. This translates into talent for the business with the focus on accelerated transformation and increased inclusivity of the differently-abled.”

INANI offers economy recovery funding support

The business environment experienced decline pre-lockdown, then lockdown caused many industries including the franchise industry to be closed for a period. Now the economy is opening up; however due to lack of income and continued expenses, businesses are battling with cash flow. FASA in collaboration with INANI NPC Incubator Accelerator have been working on creating funding and business support solutions.

Funding options

INANI has explored potential funding solutions in line with economic recovery programmes. The first port of call is to explore funding solutions by working with your accountant/bookkeeper and your bank.

  1.  Your bank
  2.  Finfind: assist in guiding you to the correct funding institution through their online tool.

Economic recovery program
The focus of the economic recovery program is to assist businesses through this period enabling them back on the road to recovery. Our goal is to reduce both business closures and to reduce job losses. Should you not come right with the above funding options, INANI has a network of funders which we can direct you to once you have engaged INANI’s business support services.

  1. Our network of funders includes:
  2. Commercial Banks
  3. Development Financial Institutions (DFI)
  4. Covid-19 Relief funds
  5. Equity solutions (e.g. private funders)

Inani value proposition
Our business approach is via two main legs:

SBU 1: talent incubator SBU 2 : business incubator

Holistic training and development:  Entrepreneurial assessment, matching with the business opportunity.
Facilitating funding
Accredited training
Life work leadership
Human capital investment strategies
Sales training
Business development services
Business advisory services
Funding turnaround strategies
Funding for growth
Pool of talent Stakeholder Return On Investment

For more information regarding the next round of applications contact INANI NPC
Incubator Accelerator
Nico Botha
083 660 1458

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