In celebration of coffee


Did you know that there is an Italian espresso machine on the International Space Station? Coffee is a global beverage grown commercially on four continents and consumed enthusiastically in all seven with its very own International Coffee Day celebrated on the 1st of October. On this day, the world comes together to celebrate coffee and recognize the millions of people across the globe – from farmers, to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more  – who work hard to create and serve the beverage we all love.

This year International Coffee Day is on a collective mission to help coffee farmers around the world receive a fair, living income.

Coffee’s journey has taken it from the forests of Ethiopia to the fincas of Latin America, from Ottoman coffee houses to ‘Third Wave’ cafes, and from the simple coffee pot to the capsule machine. Visit the Amazon store and type in ‘coffee’ and you can choose from an extensive collection of books on coffee – from its history to the many types of coffee; from how it is prepared to who drinks it, why and where. The businesses behind coffee – the growers, brokers, roasters, machine manufacturers and coffee shops – who are often subject to extreme price volatility brought on by environmental and political influences – are all working to bring you that aromatic cup of coffee you wake up to in the morning.

FASA welcomes Xpresso Café as a member

Bringing the pleasures of coffee drinking to South Africans and a fantastic franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs is Xpresso Café that offers more than a mere franchise opportunity. Xpresso presents you with a premium investment platform to become part of South Africa’s fast-growing coffee industry.

The industry is demanding branded lifestyle coffee destinations encompassed with great coffee. This is becoming a way of life for the number of growing coffee enthusiasts. That’s why Xpresso believe everyone deserves a great cup of coffee and a delicious yummy treat every day and they are known as the BEST priced coffee shop chain on the market.


About the franchise business:

In October 2016, Xpresso opened its doors to the public on International Coffee Day. Since then, they’ve grown to over 30 locations nationwide. Clyde Elhadad, Chief Operations Officer, believes that their love for people, community, and coffee and their desire to impact the lives of millions of people each day was something they wanted to share.

“Our mission is to grow the coffee culture in South Africa so everyone can enjoy a great cup of coffee every day. Our brand is an example that we can build a community through the love of coffee. We want to encourage the people of South Africa to be a part of our wonderful family by owning their very own Xpresso Cafe. We have a big and small concept going for us, big being the menu and items available and small the price we charge for those items.”

Coffee is something that brings people together. A great community based coffee shop like Xpresso offers seclusion for a lingering me-time breather, a homely corner to catch up with a friend, and a relaxing setting to treat a family member. “We bake our goods fresh every day to ensure only the best quality for all our customers by our professional chefs, freshly brewed coffee by our professionally trained baristas, handcrafted daily and management team that strives to improve our systems and process everyday on the ground. This is not your average coffee shop” says Clyde.

About the franchisor:

Started by husband and wife Nicolene and Tomer Elhadad, they focused on bringing the best of both worlds, freshly brewed coffee and delicious baked yummy pastries, to their audience at the best price available in the country.

“Gone are the days of overpaying for coffee”, says Nicolene Elhadad. “You should be able to enjoy that every single day and we offer that with our R12 coffee offering.”

Their coffee shop chain has grown to 30 stores over the past five years and has branches in Cape Town, Gauteng, and KZN and plan to expand to all corners of the country and even expand internationally. They plan to open 100 more stores over the next five years, showing how serious they are about the future of their company.

“Making good profits and serving our clients with the best options is our focus. With our current ROI, our investors are extremely happy with the brand and the continuing plans to enhance and grow the brand even further. Now is the time to join our growing franchise.”

Franchise opportunity:

Xpresso Cafe believe that education is key and they guide all their investors so they can get their investment back even faster. They strive to do that for everyone who joins their team, which will improve the quality of their lives and those around them. They also offer:

  • Skills transfer and backup from the franchisor. Full-time support with franchise manager only a phone call away.
  • Becoming a part of the already in demand and growing Xpresso cafe brand.
  • Low initial financial outlay, offering a high return on investment.

Franchisee Profile:

Who is the perfect person to own their very own Xpresso Cafe?

  • The early entrepreneur with a big dream and a passion for people.
  • The business owner looking for an exceptional investment to get a fantastic return on investment
  • The power couple who want to slow down their business lifestyle and work together inside their dream coffee business.
  • The ambitious person who believes they deserve more in life, and they want to work for themselves, earn their salary and build their community
  • The business enthusiast who is looking for a company where they will get the help, support and guidance to become the best versions of themselves.

Franchisees must have a love for coffee and people because that’s who and what they’ll be working with daily. They must learn and grow while becoming better day after day. In any business, patience is a virtue, and this one is no different. Putting in hard work to get the results combines superb communication skills. If the person has business management skills or is related, it’ll be a great bonus, but not a necessity, because training will be provided for all franchisees.


All new franchisees and staff undergo a training program before opening to ensure the operation of their new business goes according to plan. They are taken through the business operations and systems implemented. Kitchen staff training, menu training, and customer care assistance and key financial controls will also be included in the training. The staff is selected carefully, to ensure the best team available to ensure that all patrons are given the best quality service and experience, leaving them wanting more.


  • Set Up cost: included
  • Royalty Fee: Included
  • Total Investment: R950,000 + VAT
  • Training: Included
  • Working Capital: R150,000
  • Additional cost may apply depends on location

Can you guess what’s the secret to Xpresso Cafe’s success? It’s simple; a warm, friendly environment, great-tasting coffee with food to match and a hearty helping of quality.

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