How to maintain resilience and positivity


The Franchise Relationships Institute in Australia, in a group workshop of Vision Personal Training franchise partners, debated the question; what helps to maintain resilience and positivity when running a business?

Their conclusions are relevant to everyone struggling to maintain resilience and make a success of their businesses.

  • Identify and celebrate your successes and wins each week, no matter how small.
  • Accept there will be some failures, and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t turn out.
  • Focus on what you can do something about, and accept the things outside your control.
  • Reflect on why you went into business, and stay connected to this sense of purpose.
  • Develop a plan with goals, and review this each week or month with members of your team.
  • Spend time with other franchisees who have similar challenges, and share useful ideas.
  • If you are in difficulty or not coping, get over your ego or embarrassment and ask for help.
  • Schedule time off regularly to take a break. A few days at a time is better than nothing.
  • Look after your team, and surround yourself with positive people who have your back.
  • Maintain a regular lifestyle routine, including an exercise regime.
  • Book recreational activities outside of work, so you can spend quality time with family and team.
  • Manage your energy levels by taking a rest, or a short break when you need it.
  • Take the opportunity to listen to expert speakers that your franchisor makes available to you.
  • Work on your emotional intelligence and your ability to build healthy relationships with others.

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