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FASA’s Franchising for Africa virtual conference on the 25 and 26th August 2021 will focus on steering the franchise sector to future stability and growth. Local and international franchise, business and legal consultants will weigh in on where we’re at and what needs to be done to take franchising to the next level.




“Finding the silver lining is what franchising is all about, this conference will unlock the entrepreneurial potential and have a positive effect on the franchise environment as individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners get together to analyse the status quo, look for opportunities to exploit and develop or find new avenues to pursue.”

Eric Parker, Director –  Franchising Plus


Eugene Honey


“In its quest to develop and support ethical franchising “FASA was involved in developing and refining the Franchise Industry Code aimed at imposing on franchisees and franchisors a code of conduct aimed at regulating behaviour within the Franchise Industry and providing for certain matters not dealt with by the CPA including a robust mediation process.”

Eugene Honey, Director – Adams & Adams



“Ubuntu is a concept about being with the other: in mind, spirit and heart as well as understanding the ‘humanity of others’. Franchisors need to have more ‘coach like’ conversations with franchisees in order to connect with them in a deeper way and to facilitate franchisees connecting with each other, walking shoulder to shoulder in the journey to success. Connection allows us to live out the basic tenant of franchising which recognises that it is not just the strength of the individual but the collective strength of everybody in the franchise organisation that gives it the muscle to pull through difficult times.” Elana Koral, Founder, Franchise Coaches

Elana Koral, Founder, Franchise Coaches



Already in a quandary as it faced IR4 changes to its very existence, with the advent of electric cars and clean energy, the automotive industry, which in franchising is represented in the fuel retailers sector and in the automotive products & services, needs to set its sights on the future of clean mobility solutions.




“The Mobility 2030 initiative in South Africa is identifying, evaluating and developing views on the impact of global e-Mobility trends on the African continent, understanding how emerging markets are affected and ensuring “African” solutions are adopted to help people connect to economic opportunities.”

Hideki Machida – KPMG





“Never before has our industry been at such a crucial crossroad – not only having to embrace the future age of Artificial Intelligence, electric cars and green energy – but finding innovative ways to incorporate those capabilities into their operations in what is an ever-changing technological, economic and socio-political landscape.”

Reggie Sibiya, CEO, Fuel Retails Association



Franchise brands from around the world that have an interest in franchising in South Africa and Africa will be taking part in the conference to share how they, by remaining flexible in adapting their business models, will apply the lessons learned to emerge with new and improved business models.



“In broad terms, franchising around the world has been slowed but not stopped by the pandemic. Many managed change in the early stages of the pandemic, and many brands surprised themselves with how quickly they and their franchisees adapted to a new normal. The economies of many nations are now bouncing back to similar levels before Covid, and this rising tide helps lift all boats.”

JasonGehrke – Vice Secretariat for Communications, World Franchise Council




“The success rate of a franchise business far outstrips that of an independent operator. It is a statistic largely echoed around the world many governments use the concept of ‘grass roots’ franchising as a way to address economic empowerment. If we can adopt this in Africa, we can start making a meaningful difference as we take the fight to poverty and inequality through franchising.”

Sean Goldsmith, Founder, Groe-Global


Afreximbank will be presenting an overview of their recent survey into franchising in Africa at the FASA conference.

“Afreximbank was established in 1993 by African Governments, for the purpose of financing, promoting and expanding intra-African and extra-African trade. This is an extremely important survey of franchise stakeholders to determine growth opportunities and how these can be facilitated as Africa is the next frontier in franchise growth.”

Best Dorah, Afreximbank




“Interviews we conducted with local franchises reflect an optimistic take on franchising in Africa that suggests that there is no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit in Africa. There is also an opportunity for new types of franchises to service the African market which makes investing in Africa an exciting and viable option.”

Lindy Barbour, Director, The Franchise Firm



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