Franchisor Membership

Full membership is awarded to companies who have a proven trading and franchise record. A thorough assessment of each applicant company is made before membership is granted. This would typically include a look at the viability of the concept as well as the presence of appropriate documentation, with the minimum requirements being:-

  • has a disclosure document that complies with FASA’s stringent specifications
  • has a fair and reasonable franchise agreement that clearly reflects the spirit of FASA’s Code of Ethics
    and Business Practices
  • has a comprehensive operations and procedures manual.



franchisor membership


Membership Criteria

Please take note of the following information which applies to all applications from franchisors and service providers

  • All applications are forwarded to FASA’s membership committee for comments and final approval, where applicable.
  • The entire approval process takes between 4 and six weeks from date of submission depending on the number of questions or suggested amendments raised by the membership committee and the applicant’s response time.
  • The annual membership fees are R16,260.00 (excluding VAT). A once-off legal fee of R4,495.00 (excluding VAT) is payable in respect of franchisor membership applications only. Please note if the applicant’s franchise agreement was written by a franchise attorney who is a member of FASA, the legal fee is waived.


Documents to submit for Franchisor Membership

The submission documents must include the following:-

  • The membership fees are R16,260.00 (excluding VAT) per annum payable on submission of the membership application documents plus a once-off legal fee of R4,495.00 (excluding VAT). The legal fee is waived if the applicant’s franchise agreement was written by a franchise attorney member of FASA.
    For payment details please contact Shereen Davids on 011 615 0359 or email
  • Completed Membership Application form for Franchisors, duly completed, initialed on every page and signed in full on the last page, by the correct or relevant representative of the applicant’s company. Download the application form for franchisors ­ pdf download or download word document.
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Operations Manual – kindly submit the contents pages of the manual only, provided the information contained in the manual is described in detail in the index or contents of the manual.
  • Contents pages provided the information is detailed
  • Disclosure Document. The Disclosure Document must include financial statements of existing franchised outlets so that prospective franchisees can evaluate the financial viability of your concept. See requirements for the disclosure document.
  • Member’s Declaration form – this document must be printed on the applicant company’s letterhead, duly completed and signed by the correct or relevant representative of the applicant’s company. Members Declaration form. Please copy the text in the linked document and paste it on your company letterhead.
  • A copy of the latest financial statements of the franchise company
  • Details required for your free entry in the annual Franchise Manual, website and Supplier Manual. Click here for PDF entry form or Click here for Word entry form

Kindly note that the Application form for Franchisor Membership must be completed manually as the association requires a record of the applicant’s signature.


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