Franchises thinking outside the box gain new clients

Franchises thinking outside the box gain new clients

There is no question that franchising’s saving grace in a struggling economy is the fact that, by its very nature franchising is entrepreneurial, flexible and forward-thinking. Not only does it continue to be resilient, it offers, largely due to its strong business format and support system, a better chance of surviving the ups and downs.

Thinking outside the box and looking for ways and means to cross-promote and reach new markets is a trait that many of FASA’s members do extremely well. They are the ones who find a ‘niche’ that sets them apart or, by default, thrive on the back of challenging conditions.

Many second hand franchises and those in the DIY and Automotive sectors are thriving on the back of consumers who need to cut their spending by repairing rather than buying new or looking at the second hand market for bargains.

Using other brands or entities to cross-promote your offerings is another way to get more reach. Kauai, for example partners successfully with Virgin Active Health Clubs and Discovery Health through their rewards programmes, apps and newsletters with many workouts at the gym ending with a satisfying smoothie or healthy snack from Kauai.

Convenience stores within fuel forecourts are another way established brands are offering after-hours convenience to consumers. Whether you stop in at a Wild Bean Cafe or get your caffeine fix at your favourite Seattle on the way to work; pick up your favourite Steers or Wimpy for lunch as you fill up your car or pop into the convenient Woolworths, Pick n Pay or Fresh Stop to pick up those last-minute groceries, strategic partnership between brands and cross promoting ensures increased market share and better brand awareness.

Another successful franchise group BODYTEC, South Africa’s leading Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training franchise with 38 studios throughout South Africa, have partnered with FNB and eBucks offering their clients a discount of between 30% – 75%. eBucks members pay for reduced Once-Off Trial (pay R50 instead of R195) or 30% discount on a 10-Pre-Paid session package using eBucks, their FNB card or a combination of both through the eBucks Shop or via the FNB banking app.

According to Sandra Leyck of BODYTEC, being able to add their popular training workout to the eBucks’ stable of reward offerings was a natural extension of FNB and RMB Private Bank’s rewards programme that enables clients to earn eBucks for doing everyday things, like shopping, filling up with fuel or loading airtime.

“Consumers who use their eBucks to buy everything from electronics and appliances to books and fashion have welcomed the chance to try out our unique 20-minute a week training programme supported by extensive international research that has everyone from professional sportsmen, gym fanatics and those recovering from injuries benefiting from this unique fitness regime.”