How Coastal Hire has dealt with the Covid pandemic

Coastal Hire is a leading franchise in the rental of equipment to the construction industry, bakkie builders and the DIY market. With over 100 franchise stores trading in eight countries throughout Southern Africa, it is a well-established franchise that has been around for over 25 years and the average franchisee has been with the brand for over eleven years.

The franchise operates a different support system to most traditional franchises in that different support specialists deal with franchisees in different areas such as operations, finance, tax, business planning, technical, computer and social media support. This was normally done via store visits, regional quarterly meetings and annual conferences. Golf days were also extremely popular and hosted many of those all over the country every year.

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Cash Crusaders opening of six new stores

cash crusaders

Leading second hand, quality new goods and secure loans retailer, Cash Crusaders announce six new store openings across the country.

Cash Crusaders opened two of its new stores in September – Edendale in KwaZulu-Natal and Tramshed in Gauteng and plans to open two additional stores in Gauteng (in Moruleng and Elardus Park), one in Ballito, KwaZulu Natal and another in Sonieke in the Western Cape.

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Cam Era the only approved security technology company in South Africa


Cam Era is the only Fasa approved security technology Company in South Africa. I’m sure we all agree that security is a vital service in our country today. No company can operate without a trusted security system.

Bill Sandham, the CEO, had the vision of this franchise and spent 10 years developing this particular franchise model. Starting with a blank screen he met with his largest supplier and sat with their consultant who told him he would have to productize the business but at that stage it was still and idea on a piece of paper and like most Franchisors, ideas are birthed but that’s where the work begins to bring those ideas to reality. It takes time and lots of birthing pains as you meet with consultants, legal experts and others you can use as a sounding board. There is no instant, overnight plug and play business. People need to plug themselves into your business. You start with a blank canvas and you need to have all the established, tried and trusted tools ready to put it into someone’s hands and say, “this is a model that works.” A system you can duplicate over and over.

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Why belong to the Franchise Association of South Africa

Every cloud has a silver lining, goes the saying and even in the midst of a pandemic, there are those entrepreneurs that have taken a new idea and forged a new path to business success. The FASA office has been fielding many calls from entrepreneurs asking how they can transform their bright idea into a viable franchise business.

Maybe you’ve started that small business and it’s going well and you think the time is right to take it a step further by maybe franchising it? You’ve made some enquiries and find out that, according to the Regulations of the Consumer Protection Act’s reference to franchise companies, you will need to have a franchise agreement, operations/procedures manual and disclosure document in place before you start franchising. But all this costs a lot of money if you use bona-fide lawyers and accredited franchise consultants and you’re tempted into cutting corners by using someone at a much lower fee who makes themselves out to be a franchise specialist, because they claim to have worked for one or other franchise companies in the industry and thus see themselves as franchise consultants.

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The Cannabis Bill explained


The legalities of Cannabis use with Garth Kallis of Fairbridges Wertheim and Becker.
The bill is still out for review. Currently a private individual cannot sell or make a profit and can only be used for personal use. However, products made with cannabis, such as cannabis teas, herbs and CBD oils can be sold and bought, under certain laws and conditions.

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Prepare for the franchise resurgence

When it comes to picking up the pieces from the devastation that has been 2020 and the coronavirus, the franchise sector is leading the way in its recovery. Globally, we are seeing the determination of both franchisors and franchisees to overcome the challenges and forge ahead with revival plans.

Mark Siebert, author of The Franchisee Handbook, predicts that a franchise resurgence is on its way. Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property, agrees. These are his thoughts on why franchise sales are likely to surge in the years to come and how to prepare. Read More

Africa relevant and Africa ready

The importance of a multi-faceted franchise model proves more pertinent now than ever before. In a review of the numbers since lockdown Level 5 lifted, Cash Crusaders has celebrated the resurgence of positive Gross Profit results north of 15% Year-on-Year (YoY) in the short time the stores have been able to trade.

But how, when a socio-economic environment tells another story?

“These encouraging results stand testament the way the business has been designed across 3 profit centres with the insistent objective for our business to meet the needs of a community,” says Sean Stegmann, CEO of Cash Crusaders Franchising and panelist for 702’s Franchising for Future Success webinar, powered by Cash Crusaders that included industry experts and FASA representatives. Read More

BeztForex – the only banking franchise of its kind in SA

banking franchise

As the only foreign exchange and banking franchise in the country and accredited by the Franchise Association of South Africa, BeztForex is a foreign exchange, banking and investments intermediary business in South Africa, accredited by Sasfin Bank and Mercantile Bank. It is also an Authorized Financial Services Provider – FSP 44383 with the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) and also authorized by the South African Reserve Bank to operate as a foreign exchange intermediary company. Read More

KFC launches hack-a-preneurs campaign


KFC has launched a campaign that will assist young South African Hack-A-Preneurs who have kept their eye on the prize during this pandemic by turning their hustle into a real opportunity.

The brand is giving away an amazing prize valued at R500 000 to three lucky entrepreneurs who have turned life-hacks into real business opportunities.

KFC is identifying up-and-coming innovators, hustlers, and hard workers on social media with the goal to reward three Hack-A-Preneurs with a cash injection towards their business.

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Inani job creation and empowerment project vs INANI NPC Incubator Accelerator


With the unemployment rate at an unprecedented level due to the pandemic, FASA’s partnership with Inani Projects vs INANI NPC Incubator Accelerator, the talent incubator and business enabler that works with and represents a number of government and employee associations, has taken on an even more urgent focus.

According to Nico Botha of Inani vs INANI “the success of this initiative has seen us bridge the gap between public and private partnerships with the involvement of some major franchise brands that have benefitted from learnership training that promote learning through accredited theoretical training with practical exposure, whilst the learner adds value to the workplace, and learners are able to support themselves through a subsidized stipend. This translates into talent for the business with the focus on accelerated transformation and increased inclusivity of the differently-abled.” Read More