Franchising sector supports charity


As the cold sets in this winter, spare a thought for those less fortunate who are cold, hungry and often without shelter. Franchise companies and brands are known to be very generous in helping those less fortunate with the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) one of the first Associations whose members signed up with Rounda, an initiative of the Nikela Trust which seeks to collect, under patent, all the small change which carries insignificant value, along with other voluntary contributions and apply that to the upliftment of the SA society. Started in April 2018 to date it has raised over R1 million collectively with franchise companies McDonald’s, Nandos, Steers, Mimmos, Mochachos, Spur and many more coming on board to play their part to eradicate poverty in South Africa.

FASA salutes those franchise companies who have spearheaded their own charity initiatives to make a difference, among them:

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Tips to choosing the right franchise


If you are thinking about investing in a franchise you should keep the adage, “if it sounds too good to be true – generally it is” in mind when investigating franchise opportunities.

Statistics often claim, quite rightly so, that when purchasing a franchise, you are more likely to find greater success than going into business as an independent. Whereas independent businesses have a 90% chance of failure in the first five years, franchise failure is under 10%. However, the buyer must remember that there are always risks involved, and that they can reduce them if proper homework is done.

Our advice to prospective franchisees is to make FASA their first port-of-call when shopping around for a franchise. At the very least they will know that FASA members subscribe to a stringent Code of Ethics that promotes ethical business format franchising practices.

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Franchise compliance lacking despite CPA protection


A recent exposé on an investigative television programme put the spotlight on the compliance of franchise companies with the Consumer Protection Act’s Regulations and with the Code of Ethics as set down by the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA). FASA, as a voluntary organisation representing the industry, regularly fields complaints from franchisees with some of the more common complaints related to non-member franchisors being:-

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Plant based burgers – meatless burgers the new trend


When is a burger not a beef burger? Well, when it’s a burger with the same look and texture and tastes better than the real thing? That’s what the makers of this latest fast-food trend are telling us and everyone, it seems, is climbing on the plant-based meat substitute burger bandwagon – and loving it! So much so that leading manufacturer Beyond Meat, the beef- substitute maker, posted a record-setting 192% rise from its IPO price of $25 per share in its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Backing by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and actor Leonardo Di Caprio helped the shares soar along with a growing consumer appetite for meat alternatives.

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Are we seeing the death of the middle class?


In the USA, where the economy as a whole is doing well, certain consumer segments are still struggling to serve their customers while also managing costs, reports Business Insider. The death of the American middle class and rising costs have forced fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell to try new strategies in their quest to win over budget shoppers.

Quoting Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed, who maintains that ‘whilst there are certainly people making a lot of money, there are certainly people for whom value will remain incredibly important.” According to Creed, the CEO of Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut ‘America is seeing an economic ‘bifurcation’, with many people being left behind, even as the economy thrives. As a result many fast-food brands are doubling their efforts to win budget shoppers who are struggling to make ends meet and still can’t afford to spend much on food. The challenge for fast-food chains, generally known for selling the cheapest meals around, is to balance giving value to that market segment whilst battling rising costs.

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The Extinction Rebellion, going green revolution has begun


The Extinction Rebellion climate-change protestors over the Easter week-end in London brought the city to a standstill as demonstrators showed their determination to influence climate-change and the excessive use of plastics which ruin our oceans and clog our rivers. The focus, both for individuals, business and governments is to find solutions to cut back on pollutants. Whilst South Africa may not be at the forefront of change, developers and retailers are starting to take the threat seriously.

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4th Industrial Revolution – Franchising adapts to a changing world


The buzz word in global circles is ‘adaptability.’ With technology forging ahead at an unprecedented rate and talk of a 4th Revolution takes hold, adaptability has became the mantra as we end the decade and face the 2020’s.

It’s a known fact that when the world economy undergoes changes – either positive or negative – franchising is the first to act on those changes. As the one business sector with its ear close to the ground when it comes to picking up shifting consumer trends, it is also the one best suited, through its franchise systems, to effectively make the necessary changes to stay in the game, change the game or climb onto another bandwagon.

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Chicken Xpress – The people’s champion opens in Springs


Walk through the popular Springs Mall food court on any given day and you will be attracted to the bright red and orange Chicken Xpress outlet and the queues of people waiting for their taste of a truly South African brand whose values are firmly based around the local community. There you will spot dynamic husband and wife team Perri and Lea making sure that every customer gets the 5-star Chicken Xpress treatment. These enthusiastic franchisees opened their first store in KwaThema in 2018, and their 2nd store in the bustling Springs Mall has proved a great success. “Since we opened we have had some amazing trade flowing through the doors and a great reception from the centre and the surrounding area.”

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