Franchising looks to the future – post Covid-19


Franchising has at its heart the spirit of entrepreneurship but amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that has resulted in immeasurable destruction of small businesses, the question remains whether the entrepreneurial flame can be re-ignited for future growth.

The franchise sector, which in South Africa is represented in around 14 different business sectors, represents the highest and most diverse range of entrepreneurial endeavours and is the most suited to lead the post-Covid recovery.

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Royalty and relief in the midst of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the pockets of many South African businesses and the situation has been no different in the franchise industry as the majority of franchisees are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Most franchisees are classified as non-essential services and as a result, have been forced to close their businesses for the duration of the Covid 19 enforced lockdown. Even with the gradual phasing in of return to business, fast food franchisees remain closed for on-site consumption. Personal care franchisees such a beauty salons and hairdressers remain closed all together.

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Re-opening – How to reconnect with customers


In its quest to keep its franchise members and the public in the loop with developments in the sector under Covid-19, the Franchise Association has embarked on a series of webinars where experts and brands share their insights into how to navigate the future. A recent webinar looked at how things had changed for the franchise food sector and how important marketing and social media is to maintain customer engagement and adapt to changing trends brought on by the pandemic. Facilitated by Vera Valasis of FASA, the webinar included strategists Mohammed Ehtesham of Manthan, Ian Pearce of RAiN and Patrick Lawson of the Spur Group shared his group’s approach to staying relevant in the midst of global upheaval.

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Minuteman Press Impact of lockdown and the Bounce Back Initiative

FASA interviews Minuteman Press, Duncan Diesel and Jeremy Danheisser on their Bounce Back initiative and about Minuteman Press franchise.

Questions we asked Minutman Press:

  • Who started the Bounce Back initiative and what is the Purpose of Bounce Back Movement?
  • What is the benefit to all Business owners to register on Bounce Back South Africa?
  • How much does it cost to register with Bounce Back South Africa?
  • As a franchisee of Minuteman Press, what has been involvement of your franchisor during this time?
  • How has it helped franchisees and their communities
  • For businesses that have not re-opened yet how should they be preparing to re-open?
  • What should all businesses be doing now as we start to open?
  • Why print still relevant in these digital times?


If you are a business owner register on the Bounceback South Africa website and raise your visibility


Monkeynastix strategy going forward with Covid-19 in mind

Monkeynastix is a registered trademark in more than 20 countries and has been going for 25 years this year with a member total of more than a million children since inception with more than 125 franchisees worldwide.

FASA interviews Dirk is the CEO & founder of Monkeynastix.



Questions we asked Monkeynastix:

  • With so many changes.. what’s the biggest difference between kids today and when we were kids?
  • What are the most important skills kids can learn today in order to succeed in an unknown future?
  • Advise to parents?
  • What is the picture ahead for extra murals at schools?



Authentic leadership in uncertain times

Successful franchising is based on the effective premise of a successful franchisor/franchisee relationship. Leading in The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a new leadership paradigm.  Turbulent times call for an approach that puts people at the centre of everything they do. Leaders must transform their organizations to stay relevant and competitive amidst unprecedented change, but they must do so in a manner that inspires people in their workforce to opportunities and prosperity. The changed world of Covid-19 means business models that carried companies to the top of their industries are burning, set aflame by the pandemic, technology, demographic change, globalization, and other disruptive forces. For franchising to survive and thrive, their leaders must be adept at adopting new roles, crafting new identities, and finding new meaning for themselves and those they lead. The answer lies in authenticity – the heart of responsive and responsible leadership.

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Inspectacar streamlines buying and selling


In its efforts to provide customers with peace of mind, InspectaCar has implemented a number of new systems and protocols to ensure buying and selling pre-owned vehicles is as safe and easy as possible.

The WesBank-certified franchise has upgraded its website to enable customers to enjoy a large part of their buying journeys from the safety and comfort of their homes. Customers can go online to the website, select the vehicle of their choice, in the area of their choice and are even able to choose from a variety of financing options and Value Added Products (VAPS). The website is integrated with all InspectaCar dealers.

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Car maintenance during lockdown


After months of staying under lockdown with just the occasional trip to the supermarket or never used, many people have found that their cars need some tlc. “Unfortunately, getting behind the wheel, turning the key and driving off with a vehicle that’s been parked for a long period is not always that simple,” says Shannon Drake, National Franchise Manager at Midas. Vehicle engines are made to run, and when a vehicle is stationary for long periods, this can cause harm to your vehicle.

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Level 3 lockdown, how franchise brands are coping


As South Africa tries to get back to some sense of normalcy amidst a pandemic that is not abating, franchises allowed to trade under Level 3 are trying their best to focus on maintaining and adapting their business formats to best serve their customers in this crisis.

According to Vera Valasis, Executive Director of FASA, “some sectors have weathered the COVID-19 storm much better than others but more importantly it seems business owners who managed to re-open their doors at the first opportunity, stand a better chance at long term survival, even while trading with only limited lines or products and a limited staff compliment.”

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Reopening of the Economy and what this means for McDonald’s South Africa?


Greg Solomon CEO of McDonald’s shares insights about strategy and planning for the future with FASA.
What’s been the impact to the industry since the national lockdown and what opportunities were there for entrepreneurs within this space other than deliveries?
For a brand that promises convenience, what has this meant to McDonald’s considering that you have had to operate deliveries only?
With the next level potentially coming into effect, what does this mean for McDonald’s drive-thru business?
As the CEO of McDonalds SA what are the important business lessons you have learned during the pandemic and lockdown?
How have you reassured customers of the quality of the food that McDonald’s serve? Mc Donalds SA are giving back to the community ? Any jobs lost at McDonalds SA thus far? What is the digital future of McDonalds SA look like?