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Village Fish and Chips is a family-oriented company that focuses on integrating franchisees into the family. This is an exciting time for Village Fish & Chips, and we hope you will take advantage of this challenging franchise opportunity.

You are part of a unique franchise system and a community of other business owners when you buy a Village Fish and Chips franchise. Village Fish & Chips first opened in 2013, and since then, we’ve always worked to improve our methods.
If you decide to open a Village Fish and Chips franchise, we will help you get started by providing you with the same procedures and methods we use to run our own company.

Health and safety, local council regulations, lease negotiations, hiring, accounting, business analysis, site fit-out (we have shopfitters to perform the project to our standards),
and marketing are all areas in which we can advise and guide you.

We will get your shop ready for business, including launching any necessary marketing or awareness efforts, while you focus on your training. You may start selling right away since everything from the initial stock to the point at which you open for business has already been taken care of for you.

Village Fish and Chips is a family-oriented company that focuses on integrating franchisees into the family. This is an exciting time for Village Fish & Chips, and we hope you will take advantage of this challenging franchise opportunity.

Three successful businesswomen named Euphonia, Yvonne and Thato. Each of them had achieved great success in their respective industries, but they were ready for a new challenge to share their common passion for seafood.

One day, they stumbled upon a fish and chips franchise that was up for sale in Jabulani Soweto. The franchise had a strong reputation and a loyal customer base, but it needed a fresh perspective to take it to the next level.

After some discussion, the three women decided to pool their resources and buy the franchise together. They were excited about the opportunity to work together and bring their unique skills to the table.

Euphonia, who had a background in finance, took on the role of managing the finances and ensuring the business was profitable. Yvonne, who had experience in marketing, was responsible for creating a marketing strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Thato, who had a background in operations, oversaw the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

At first, there were some challenges as they adjusted to working together and running a fish and chips franchise. However, they quickly found their rhythm and started to make some changes to the business. They realised creating a new brand from this flailing franchise group, which had its own set of challenges, was the way to go. This was the birth of Village Fish and Chips after they defranchised. They updated the menu, introduced superior customer service, and created a unique batter blend with different herbs and spices which became a huge success.

Their efforts paid off, and Village Fish and chips started to see an increase in sales and profits. The three women were thrilled with the success they had achieved and the positive impact they were having on the community. They even began to consider expanding their newly found brand to other locations.

Euphonia, Yvonne, and Thato ultimately demonstrated that one may achieve one’s goals by diligence, resolve, and ingenuity. They had left their prior professions to open a successful fish and chips business, and they were looking forward to seeing where their entrepreneurial drive would lead them next. The local franchise group expanded onto the national scene after buying fifteen additional establishments. They first shared ownership of a single store before dividing up the remaining fifteen amongst the three visionaries.

This success story shows how a combination unbridled passion, resourcefulness, hard work, and probably a bit of good fortune helped make Euphonia, Thato and Yvonne’s dream of sharing their passion for seafood to became not just a reality, but a smashing success by expanding into their own brand and decided to franchise Village Fish and chips in 2023.

Village Fish and Chips is particularly interested in people who poses some or all the following attributes:

    • A person who can work with others and has a cheerful, optimistic, and compassionate disposition;
    • Possessing direct sales experience is a plus, but not needed, along with excellent selling skills.
    • Communication abilities are a need for franchisees. This implies that they must be able to interact positively with others. An excellent franchisee is someone who appreciates social interaction. Remember that if you treat your employees and customers with trust and courtesy, they will stay loyal to you. Therefore, it is essential for franchisees to treat their customers and employees properly, which will eventually increase the business’s appeal.
    • Hard working: Operating a franchise is not simple; success requires hard effort. To ensure the success of new franchises, franchisees must be fearless of hard work and willing to put in the necessary hours.
    • Potential franchisees are required to have a favourable outlook on the Village Fish and Chips business concept. A franchisee must have a positive attitude toward work and the ability to collaborate with their staff. They must also be prepared to seek for methods to increase the brand’s popularity and to offer regular business-enhancing improvements. In other words, a franchisee must be self-motivated to act and imitate others’ triumphs. A self-motivated and organized individual who desires success and is willing to work as part of a team; In franchising, the adage “to be a good leader, you must also be a good follower” holds true. Customers who choose franchised businesses often do so because they know what to anticipate. The foundation of a franchise system is thus the constancy of the goods or services it provides. If you deviate from this, you will destroy the basis of this business system.
      Therefore, franchisors seek individuals who can both lead and follow the established business system.  Therefore, franchisors seek individuals who can both lead and follow the established business system.
    • As there is always the possibility of a franchise failing, Village Fish and Chips is seeking individuals who are not content to merely follow the system, but who can also take initiative when the going gets tough. Obtaining a franchise has the same dangers as other business models. Village Fish and Chips prefers individuals who are risk-tolerant and willing to work hard to ensure the success of their business.
    • Financially and morally responsible individual who handles customers, suppliers, and the support office of Village Fish and Chips with honesty;
    • Approximately fifty percent of total Investment costs in unencumbered cash and the remainder in a secured loan; Working capital consists of three months’ worth of personal living expenses and three months’ worth of business expenses while the  Franchise outlet is being established. and
    • Once a Franchisee satisfies the aforementioned requirements, the following is the most important and non-negotiable factor in Franchisee selection: Each franchise is owner-run and -managed; thus, we will not sell a franchise to a franchisee who intends to outsource these responsibilities.

The Franchisor agrees to give the Franchisee four weeks of initial training in order for the Franchisee to comply with any standards outlined in the Operations and Procedures
Manual. After 4 weeks of training, trading may start. The Franchisee is responsible for all travel, lodging, and other costs associated with attending training.

To assist you in launching and operating your company, we provide on-demand ongoing training beyond the first training. Even if you will be in business “for yourself,” it will be necessary for new employees to obtain the requisite training. All staff get training in methods that concentrate not just on goods and services, but also on customer satisfaction and a continual awareness of consumer demands. The Franchisee is taught in almost every element of the company to ensure that consumers get the highest quality and level of service expected.

Financial Cost

5 Years with the option to renew after 5 years;

Set up Cost R 835,000.00 (Excluding VAT);
Franchise Fee: – R 75,000.00 (Excluding VAT);
Management fee: – 5% Monthly (Excluding VAT);
Monthly marketing fee: – 3% Monthly (Excluding VAT); and

Working Capital suggested: – R 50 000.00.

This is just an estimate for 3-month costs of running the business.

Total Investment R 960,000.00

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Village Fish Render
Village Fish Render

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